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Published 17 Aug 2021

What is a Safety Checklist?

A safety checklist is a simple tool used by frontline workers to identify hazards, mitigate risks, and apply control measures before performing tasks. Safety officers use safety checklists to perform routine site checks and assess employees' safety behavior. From construction and manufacturing to hospitality and offices, every industry should take advantage of mobile-ready safety checklists that can be downloaded for free and customized within minutes.

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Why use Mobile-ready Safety Checklists?

Access all your checklists, from your phone

Ditch the paper forms and convert your checklists to digital. Access them from anywhere, even without an internet connection. Add images, checkboxes, signature fields and more.

“We’ve now used iAuditor (by SafetyCulture) for over a year to perform safety inspections and field reports. All our foremen have either iPhones or iPads and use them to write their daily reports. This app walks you through inspections and lets you take photos of hazardous situations and then suggests ways to correct them.” – Mike Haller, Safety Director at The Gallegos Corporation in Colorado

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Spend less time writing reports

Reduce time spent reporting from hours to minutes. Quickly and easily generate PDF reports of each safety inspection and share them with your team.

“iAuditor has made us a lot more organized. So using half the effort we used to put into paper, we’ve now become 100 times more organized.” – Peter Giannos, HSE Manager at NA Group Road and Civil

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