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Employee Perks

At SafetyCulture we provide a range of benefits because we want you to look after yourself

Careers at SafetyCulture - treat yourself well


treat yourself well
  • Standup desks because sitting is the new smoking!
  • Lunch provided, everyday in our fully stocked fridge and bar
  • Ping pong & basketball court
  • Darts if you’re in the Sydney office
  • Healthy snacks & sweet treats
  • Showers if you’re getting sweaty before work
  • A steady supply of SafetyCulture tees
Careers at SafetyCulture - looking after your mind


your brain is important to us
  • Flexible work environments - you’re not chained to your desk
  • We keep you challenged
  • Staff are encouraged to attend meet-ups and conferences
  • All staff regularly get together for a week of collaboration for our SafetyPlex Week
  • Staff hackathons - a great excuse to get creative
careers at SafetyCulture - giving you choices


choices make worklife better
  • We believe pets make better workplaces, so bring your pet if you have one
  • Our office dog, Jack enjoys daily life at SafetyCulture
  • We have CBD office locations
  • You can bike, skateboard or walk to work
  • Wear what you want to work - tie, bow-tie, no tie, whatever you prefer

Rock Those Threads

we can't wait to see your look

But for those days when it's just too hard to decide what to wear, we have got your back with some awesome SafetyCulture tees.

SafetyCulture Careers - ShipIt, shipit real good


ship it real good

Be creative, start a new product, add a new feature, fix some bugs, or make an improvement to life at SafetyCulture! Have fun, and work with the team you've always wanted to collaborate with. You'll have 24 hours to work together to deliver something valuable. Build it well!

SafetyCulture Careers - SafetyPlex weeks, the team reunites

SafetyPlex Weeks

the team reunites

Every two months, we get all our staff together for one big week of activities and collaboration. It’s the perfect time to meet new people and be inspired by your energetic colleagues. We are all working together on one big vision to make everyone safer in the workplace. Bring ideas!

SafetyCulture Connect

Strengthening our communities through volunteer work

SafetyCulture Connect is our way of giving back to the world we live in. In doing so, we’re building safer, stronger communities by supporting charity and not-for-profit organizations. There are two parts to this program we’re rolling out. Number one, our employees can allocate one day a year to volunteer. Number two, we’re providing pricing options for charities and not-for-profit organizations.

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ShipIt 2017 - Hack to the Feature
ShipIt 2016 - Gotta Ship 'Em All
ShipIt 2016 - ShipIt Strikes Back
ShipIt 2015
SafetyCulture - Townsville
SafetyCulture - Sydney
SafetyCulture - ShipIt Winners
SafetyCulture - The Crew
SafetyCulture - Smile for the Camera
SafetyCulture - Early morning walk up Castle Hill
SafetyCulture - iAuditor Booth
SafetyCulture - Virtual Reality
SafetyCulture - Rock those Threads
SafetyCulture - Lunch Time Ping Pong
SafetyCulture - Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

Location. Location. Location.

Australia, the home of SafetyCulture

Our growing offices in Townsville, Sydney and San Francisco are centrally located and brimming with facilities. Each headquarters has access to public transport, great restaurants and bars and plenty of fitness options.


Welcome to the tropics

300 days of sunshine a year. Our office is in the heart of the CBD close to restaurants, bars and a beautiful beachfront esplanade. With 180,000 people living here, you'll never battle traffic. Did we mention we have the Great Barrier Reef and Magnetic Island on our doorstep? You'll also enjoy the super fast internet.
- discover Townsville


Big city living

Sydney is for you if you enjoy the hustle and bustle. It has a great quality of life with a hive of activity including world famous landmarks, great restaurants and iconic beaches. Our Sydney office is in an area with great facilities and easy access via transport.
- discover Sydney

San Francisco

Tech hub of the world

Our San Francisco location is in the heart of the action on Market Street. This tech hub has a thriving entrepreneurial culture, so you'll never be short of inspiration or activities to get involved in. Crammed with top-notch restaurants, artisanal coffee shops, unique attractions and eclectic shops, you'll see why over 17 million visitors each year choose to explore it.
- discover San Francisco

Kansas City

There's no place like home

Kansas City boasts vibrant arts, delicious dining and Midwest hospitality at its finest. Our office is located in a bustling area filled with galleries, bars and plenty of places to explore. Kansas City is a place for tech-minded people and has a number of startups and tech companies in the area. Fun fact: It's also the third largest beef capital in the United States!
- discover Kansas City


Where football fans unite

There is always something to explore in Manchester! Between the booming restaurant scene, interesting museums and galleries, and theatre and arts, Manchester is thriving. Not to mention, they can pour a good pint. Our office is located within a new collaborative workspace with plenty of tech startups in the mix.
- discover Manchester

Our Story...In Case You Missed It!

In 2012, our founder Luke Anear noticed the rapid adoption of the smartphone in everyday lives. After witnessing the tragedy of workplace accidents, Luke went on to develop a mobile solution for safety in the workplace. The first product, iAuditor simplified the auditing process by making it easy for anyone to pick up and use. Today, iAuditor is the most used checklist inspection app in the world. Ebay, Goldcorp, SpaceX, London Underground and Emirates are among some of its loyal users.

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