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  • Unlimited inspections
  • On demand analytics
  • Integrations


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  • Limited inspections
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  • Complex user management

Used for more than 50+ million inspections in over 80 countries.

Try any plan free for 30 days, no upfront commitment.

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iAuditor helps us confine the data so we can identify the best approaches. You can pull that data and say ‘Ok, we have an issue we’ve identified. How do we help them?’. We are now able to attribute volume of quality inspections with a decrease in incidents and injuries - we all win

Mardee Billingsly, VP Tremco WTI Global Operations

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Inspection Limit
PDF inspection exports
3 per month
Create inspection templates
Access to best practice Public Library templates
Assign and track corrective actions
Track items that are failing
Schedule inspections
Team Administration
Manage teams easily with structured groups
Account permissions
Role management
Business Analytics and Reports
On-demand analytics and reporting
Manage your locations with our Sites feature
Private data sharing of templates and audits
Integrate with business systems
Report export formats
PDF, Web reports
PDF, Web reports, CSV, JSON, .DOC
PDF, Web reports, CSV, JSON, .DOC
Specialized Service
Custom branding
24/5 Support
Standard support
Standard support
Enhanced response time
Dedicated account manager
Custom onboarding
Single Sign On, advanced user management

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on how often you need to use iAuditor, and what you want to use it for.  

Free: good if you’re just looking to digitize your inspections, have a team of 5 or less, and only need to do a few inspections and reports per month. 
Premium: ideal if you want access to our complete tech suite, unlimited inspections, and as many users as you like
Enterprise: perfect if you want the full tech suite plus services to get you set up and using our product most effectively, including a dedicated customer success manager, and faster support services

If you’re paying monthly, then your payments will stop on the next monthly payment. Annual subscriptions are only refundable for the unused portion of the year in special circumstances.

No, you all need to be on the same plan so that you have access to the same information.  If you upgrade to Premium, all of the users on your account will also be Premium users. 

One person in your iAuditor team (or organization), called the billing administrator, pays for all users on the account under a single monthly or annual billing statement.

Only if you have a free account. The free tier allows you to add up to 5 users on your account. The premium and enterprise tiers let you have as many users as you like. Just remember that we charge per user. 

Yes! You can try Premium for free for 30 days. We’ll collect your credit card details in the beginning to make sure your transition is smooth. If Premium doesn’t suit you, you can return to your free subscription anytime before the trial ends and you will not be charged. 

No, you can set up as many users as you like during your trial. All added users will have access to iAuditor Premium for the next 30 days. You can keep adding or removing users from your organization for the duration of the trial period. The total number of registered users by the end of the trial period will determine your charges moving forward. 

Yes, invoicing is available for organizations on our annual Premium or Enterprise plans with more than 14 users. 

The sky’s the limit with integrations. We have hundreds of options to choose from depending on your personal needs. Visualizing your data to gain additional insights, automatic saving and sharing of reports, automating workflows, triggering actions in external systems, online storage, and many others. See our integrations page for more information. 



  • If you increase users:
    You will be charged an adjusted prorated amount for the new number of users for the rest of the remainder of the current billing period. Then, at the start of your next billing cycle, all users will be billed together at the full rate.
    Example: You are on an annual account with 10 users and your account renews on January 1, each year. If you add another 1 user on Sept. 1 you will be billed $76.21 ($228×122/365 days) for that additional user for the remaining 3 months (122 days) of the year. Then on January 1, all 11 users will be billed at your usual rate.
  • If you decrease users:
    You will be credited with a prorated amount for the number of users and the remainder of the current billing period. Then, at the start of your next billing cycle, all users will be billed together at the full rate, with your credit applied.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are on an annual account you can only decrease your users up to 28 days before your renewal.
    Example: You are on a monthly account with 20 users and your account renews on the 1st of every month (Jan. 1, Feb.1, etc.).You decrease your user seat count by 5 to 15 users on March 20th. You will be credited $42.58 ($24 x 5 seat decrease x 11/31 days) for the remainder of your billing cycle On the first day of next month, you will be billed at the monthly rate for 15 users with your credit applied. 



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