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Free forever for small teams looking to go digital with their inspections

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  • Unlimited inspections, actions, issues, and checklist templates
  • Video communication and acknowledgement
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For businesses of scale looking for a personalized touch

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  Free Premium
Inspections and Actions - Check, identify, and document
Inspection limitUnlimitedUnlimited
Inspection exportsUnlimitedUnlimited
Create inspection templates
Access to best practice Public Library templates
Assign and track corrective actions
Schedule inspections
Inspection report export formatsPDF, Web reportsPDF, Web reports, CSV, Word, JSON
Add and manage assetsUp to 50 AssetsUnlimited
Issues - Observe, capture, and notify
Issue quick capture
Custom issue categories
Instant issue notifications
Team Administration - Operate, progress, and manage
Max number of Full Seats10Unlimited
Unlimited free seats for casual users, contractors, and suppliers (Learn more)
Manage locations with sites
Administrate teams with groups
Account permissions
Access restrictions for template and inspection results
Data and Integrations - Analyze, trend, and connect
Trend and analyze platform data
Track failed items
Integrate with business systems
Specialized Services - Secure, grow, and scale
24/5 support
Single sign-on
Advanced user management Optional add-on
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Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on how often you need to use SafetyCulture (iAuditor), and how you want to use it.

  • Free: great if you’re looking to digitize your inspections, issues, actions, and video communications for your team of 10 or less.
  • Premium: ideal if you want access to our complete tech suite, including connecting external business tooling via Integrations

Are you an enterprise customer looking for a more tailored approach? Book a demo today.

There are roughly three major differences between the Free and the Premium Plans. In addition to all the functionality on the Free Plan, you get access to the following features on Premium:

  • Analytics: Access to in-product Analytics for trend analysis on Inspections, Actions, and Issues. 
  • Integrations: Connect external business systems (Sharepoint, Dropbox, etc.) with integrations.
  • Unlimited Full Seats: On the Free Plan, you are limited to 10 team members, whereas on the Premium Plan, you can continue to expand your team well past 10. 
  • Free Seats on Premium: Use Free Seats on your paid Premium Plan for limited platform interactions. Free seats can access and interact with all Heads Up, Actions, and Issues activities on your account without needing to pay a full license fee. Free Seats are great for bringing in your contractors, suppliers, or casual staff who may only need to use more collaborative areas of the platform. 

A seat is essentially a license you provide to team members to use SafetyCulture (iAuditor). For example, on a Premium Plan, you have the option to add two different seat types – Free and Full Seats. Every Full Seat (see details) on SafetyCulture (iAuditor) incurs a per-seat license cost of $19/seat per month if billed annually, or $24/seat per month if billed monthly.

Note: on the Premium Plan, you can also add unlimited Free Seats to your account in addition to your administrative Full Seats. Free Seats have full access to interact with our team-based features like actions, issues, and video communications. Learn more. 

If you’re paying monthly, then your payments will stop on the next month’s payment. Annual plan payments are only refundable for the unused portion of the year in special circumstances.

No, you all need to be on the same plan to access the same information. By upgrading your organization to Premium, you unlock all of the SafetyCulture (iAuditor) feature set to your team members. Please note that each seat – starting with your first seat – charges at a per-seat rate on the Premium Plan since you are no longer limited by being free settings. However, you also have access to unlimited Free Seats on your Premium Plan for any casual staff, contractors, or suppliers looking to log issues, complete actions, or view video communications.

One person in your SafetyCulture (iAuditor) team (or organization), called the billing administrator, pays for all seats on the plan under a single monthly or annual billing statement.

Yes, but only if you’re on the Free Plan. The Free Plan only supports up to 10 seats in your organization. On the Premium Plan, you can have as many seats as you like, as either Full or Free Seats. 

Yes! You can try our Premium Plan out for free for 30 days. We’ll collect your credit card details initially to make sure your transition is smooth. If our Premium Plan doesn’t suit you, you can return (downgrade) to your Free Plan anytime before the trial ends, and you will not be charged.

No, you can set up as many seats as you like during your trial, and you will not be charged during the 30 days. All of the seats you add will have access to Premium Plan features. You can keep adding or removing seats from your organization for the duration of the trial period. The total number of registered seats at the end of the trial period will determine your charges moving forward.

Yes, invoicing is available for organizations with more than 14 seats on our annual Premium Plans.

Our API & integrations offering allows you to connect your external business tools with SafetyCulture (iAuditor) so that they communicate with one another. We support an extensive range of integrations, including those that help you visualize your data, create seamless and secure access, automate manual tasks, or craft custom solutions. Learn more here.

  • If you increase seats:
    You will be charged an adjusted prorated amount for the new number of seats for the rest of the remainder of the current billing period. Then, at the start of your next billing cycle, all seats will be billed together at the full rate.
    Example: You are on an annual plan with ten seats and that renews on January 1, each year. If you add another 1 seat on Sept. 1 you will be billed $76.21 ($228×122/365 days) for that additional seat for the remaining 4 months (122 days) of the year. Then on January 1, all 11 seats will be billed at your usual rate.
  • If you decrease seats:
    You will be credited with a prorated amount for the number of seats and the remainder of the current billing period. Then, at the start of your next billing cycle, all seats will be billed together at the full rate, with your credit applied.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are on an annual plan, you can only decrease your seats up to 28 days before your renewal.
    Example: You are on a monthly plan with 20 seats that renews on the 1st of every month (Jan. 1, Feb.1, etc.).You decrease your seat count by 5 to 15 seats on March 20th. You will be credited $42.58 ($24 x 5 seat decrease x 11/31 days) for the remainder of your billing cycle. On the first day of next month, you will be billed at the monthly rate for 15 seats with your credit applied.

Need help, or have additional billing questions? Contact support today.

We support billing in AUD for Australian and New Zealander customers and USD for all other international customers.