Safety, Quality, and Operations Topics

Get some great health and safety tips and free downloadable checklists. Learn how to improve health, safety and productivity in your workplace.

Maintenance: Definitions, Benefits, and Application

A comprehensive guide covering the concept of maintenance, its different types, advantages, and its uses across industries. Find out more.

5S Lean: A Comprehensive Guide

Everything you need to know to start your own 5S Lean initiative Find out more.

ISO implementation meeting

ISO Simplified: All You Need to Know

What is ISO, its most popular international standards, and more. Find out more.

employees doing kaizen in the workplace


Learn about the fundamentals of kaizen, how it improves quality and productivity, and how you can successfully drive continuous improvement in your organization. Find out more.

team collaborating on quality

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Learn the difference between QA and QC practices, their tools and methodologies, and how they can be used to improve business performance. Find out more.


Office Safety and Health Comprehensive Guide

The definitive guide to office safety and health and how to implement a sustainable office safety culture. Know the different types of office hazards and how to mitigate risks. Find out more.

Cleaning Validation

Learn about cleaning validation in the pharmaceutical industry. Guide questions to determine the effectiveness of your cleaning validation. Powerful inspection software to properly document cleaning validation. Find out more.

Office Safety

Avoid common office safety hazards with 3 simple steps that’ll help you enforce health and safety standards in the workplace. Find out more.

Corrective Action Report

5 steps on how to comply with ISO 9001:2015 requirements on corrective actions. A compliance software to help quality managers facilitate risk-based approach. Find out more.

Quality Policy

What is a quality policy? Discover 5 practical steps on how to implement it according to quality standards (ISO 9001). Find out more.

OSHA Standards

How to effectively comply with OSHA standards. 5 simple steps to ensure occupational health and safety compliance. Free safety inspection mobile app to easily meet and keep up with OSHA standards. Find out more.

quality control procedures held by two industrial workers

Quality Control Procedures

Improve quality control procedures in manufacturing and production via 5 simple ways: 1) Engage all staff; 2) Be proactive; 3) Automate recordkeeping; 4) Seek improvement opportunities; and 5) Utilize technology. Use iAuditor software to improve quality control procedures. Find out more.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Learn how to inspect fire extinguishers with a 3 minute safety officer’s guide. See best practices in performing fire extinguisher inspections, some common issues and steps to resolve it. Find out more.

Food Safety

5 Best Tips on Implementing Food Safety in Food Manufacturing. Digital software to streamline food safety processes in food production. Find out more.

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisals are used to improve employee performance, justify compensation and assess promotions. Learn top 5 reasons why performance appraisals fail. Tips on how to conduct effective performance appraisal. Download free performance appraisal forms. Find out more.

HACCP Record Keeping

Learn about HACCP and its 7 principles. Develop a good haccp plan in 5 steps, and improve your haccp recordkeeping with this guide. Find out more.

Incident Report

How to write an effective incident report. Learn the 4 different types of incident events. Free incident report templates to download and customize. iAuditor mobile incident report app. Find out more.

Fall Protection

Learn general safety tips when inspecting harnesses. Fall protection safety should be a top priority when working on tasks that require harnesses. Performing regular worksite and safety harness inspections can help prevent fatal falls and accidents. Download free harness safety inspection templates. Find out more.

store manager inspection

Retail Management

Definition of Retail Management. Responsibilities and Skills needed by Retail Store Managers. Tools that can help retail operations. Find out more.

teacher evalation

Teacher Evaluation

Improve the quality of teaching and learning. 5 Steps to An Effective Teacher Evaluation based on Danielson’s Framework. Be the right evaluator and make meaningful evaluations to foster professional growth. Use Digital Templates as Evaluation Tools Find out more.

Child Observation

Observation in childcare. Purpose of Child observation. Child observation methods. Anecdotal Record of a child. Childcare tools, templates, and forms. Find out more.

Coaching Employees

Coaching to empower employees to be the best performers that they can be and setting them up for success in the workplace. 5 Important Aspects to Consider when Coaching. Personal benefits of coaching to employees. SMART Action Plan. What is coaching (and what it is not). Coaching is continuous and two-way. Find out more.

Training Evaluation

Why training evaluation is important. Points to remember for training effectiveness (a version of the Kirkpatrick model). Download iAuditor’s free digital templates to facilitate better training evaluation using your mobile device. Find out more.

Call Center QA

What is call center qa and how is it measured? 6 Tips for Call Center QA: 1) Set priorities; 2) Ongoing QA; 3) QA everyone; 4) Align business goals; 5) Think customer; 6) Use the right tools. iAuditor mobile app streamlines your call center qa reporting. Find out more.

Focus Groups

A Focus on Focus Groups. Understanding why consumers choose certain products or brands can be a challenge. However, focus groups are a handy tool to help companies explore this and similar questions. This article will explain how businesses can benefit from focus groups, provide tips on conducting effective discussions Find out more.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Importance of Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Retail Businesses. Customer surveys for retail stores, restaurants, franchises, hotels. Tips on asking the right questions and choosing the right delivery method. Find out more.

Mystery Shopper

What is a Mystery or Secret Shopper? How is it performed? Pros and Cons of implementing a Mystery Shop. Tips to implementing a Mystery Shopper program. Free Mystery Shopper Survey Questions and Checklist resources. Find out more.

workers conducting iso 14000


What is ISO 14000? How to develop an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) for your business? Benefits of ISO 14001:2015 certification? Available resources to help you get ready for your certification. Find out more.


ISO 9001 explained in plain English. What is ISO 9001:2015? What is a Quality Management System? ISO 9001 certification requirements and benefits. Steps to become certified. Find out more.


Learn about HACCP and its 7 principles. Develop a good haccp plan in 5 steps, and improve your haccp recordkeeping with this guide. Find out more.


Understand GMP and its 12 basic guidelines. Sustain GMP compliance in 4 easy steps. Technology to help food manufacturers move beyond compliance. Find out more.

gemba walk featured

Gemba Walk

What a Gemba Walk really means and what it is not? What to do during a Gemba Walk? Using digital checklists to make your Gemba Walks a success. Find out more.

6S Lean

Learn what 6S Lean means in the workplace. How to incorporate Safety into your existing 5S system. Develop a highly productive and safe workspace. Download free digital 6S checklists to implement and audit your 6S process. Find out more.

employee practicing warehouse safety

Warehouse Safety

Understand warehouse safety hazards and safety tips to follow. 8 Warehouse Hazards: 1) Forklifts, 2) Docks, 3) Conveyors, 4) Materials Storage, 5) Manual Handling, 6) Hazardous Chemicals, 7) Charging, 8) Energized Equipment. Find out more.

Welding Safety

Common welding safety hazards. 1) Exposure to Fumes and Gases. 2) Physical Hazards. 3) Electrocution. 4) Fires. Learn what to do. Use the iAuditor mobile app to conduct safety inspections before commencing weld. Find out more.

Scaffolding Safety

Inspecting the safety of scaffolds in construction? Learn the Do’s and Dont’s and how to perform and read scaffolding tags. Use digital checklist app iAuditor to create a more secure workplace. Find out more.

safety equipment for work

PPE Safety

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is clothing or equipment designed to protect workers from physical hazards when on a worksite. PPE should only be considered as a last line of defence between a hazard and the worker. Find out more.

roofer tools

Roof Safety

Learn about the importance of roof safety, how to identify and eliminate roofing hazards, and the top 10 safety precautions for the safe work of roofers. Find out more.

Electrical Hazards

How to identify common electrical safety hazards in the workplace. Safety tips and free template resources to protect your workers against electrical hazards. Find out more.

Ladder Safety

Learn about ladder safety: how to be safe when using one, setting it up, and climbing a ladder properly to reduce injuries. Find out more.

two workers performing risk assessment

Risk Assessment

Learn how to effectively perform a risk assessment, use a risk matrix, assess consequences and likelihood, and implement respective control measures. Find out more.

Toolbox Topics

Discover what toolbox talk topics you need to cover to ensure safety in your construction site or workplace and record your daily safety talks. Find out more.

Confined Space Safety

Learn about confined space safey, the hazards involved, and safety tips to help stay safe in confined spaces. Find out more.

Excavation Safety

Learn about excavation safety tips that can help protect workers from injuries and fatalities when excavating and trenching. Find out more.

Job Safety Analysis

Learn about Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and its importance, and how to effectively perform it. Find out more.

engineer conducting safety induction with new worker

Safety Induction

Learn about the basics of safety induction, why it is important, and how you can effectively perform safety inductions. Find out more.

Workplace Hazards

Learn about workplace hazards and how hazard identification can help ensure workplace safety. Find out more.

office worker does ergonomics safety in the workplace

Ergonomics Safety

Read more about ergonomics safety and the general ways to prevent ergonomic hazards. Improve productivity through regular self-inspections. Find out more.

Radiation Safety

Learn more about radiation safety tips and how serious radiation hazards are. Take note of these 10 rules to help protect against radiation hazards. Find out more.