Inspections, audits and checklists

Streamline operations, eliminate paper, and ensure processes are done right the first time, every time.

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Digitize any process, procedure, or policy

No matter how small or complex, use digital checklists to simplify your teams’ day. From work instructions and compliance checks to brand standard audits or maintenance assessments, our template tool is flexible enough to meet your unique business needs. 

Better yet, you don’t have to start from scratch…

Create templates instantly using AI
Upload a photo, PDF, or input a prompt and let the AI creator tool publish a checklist in minutes.

Customize 100k+ templates from our library
Browse best practices from global brands and industry experts, choose your favorites, and make them your own. 

…but if you do, everything you need is one click away.

Build and customize templates – no tech skills required!
Our drag-and-drop editor and pre-built response types make it easy to configure checklists just the way you want.

Prompt the right response
Take the guesswork out of inspections by dictating the type of answer you need: multiple choice, free text, checkbox, photo, and many more.

Streamline workflows with smart logic
Add logic to automate notifications, follow-up questions, or actions based on specific results. Save your team time by setting dynamic responses so only the questions that need to be answered show up.

Turn anything into a digital checklist

Collect consistent data easily

Share professional reports

Analyze results and take action

Endless opportunities, no matter your industry.

Risk assessments

Pre-start safety inspection

Fire risk assessment

Preventative maintenance

Brand standard audits

Food quality assurance

Toolbox talks

Incident reports

Site safety audit

Asset inspections

Open/closing checks

Asset cleaning instructions

Complete checks quickly with no detail left behind

Smart data capture and dynamic responses keep teams moving from question to question while ensuring the right information is recorded every time. 

Image and video capture

Provide rich evidence in a few clicks and add even more context with photo annotations.

Offline mode

Have confidence working in any environment with auto-save and offline syncing.

Signature capture

Drive accountability with convenient e-signatures.


Add notes and context quickly with speech recognition.


Add Excel like formulas to templates that automatically calculate results in real time.

Barcode scanning

Reduce errors by directly scanning numbers into your inspection.

Complete audit trail

Keep a record of everything with date, time stamping, GPS location, and user attribution.

Task assignment

Action required? Assign follow-up tasks to the right people right away.

Drive engagement and accountability

Schedule automated reminders to ensure checks are done on time and by the right person.

Share templates in one click with the individual, group, or site that it’s relevant to.

Print and display QR codes to remind teams to complete the right checks.

Share results instantly with professional reports

Completed inspections are instantly turned into comprehensive reports that give a clear view of what was assessed, action items and next steps. Email, export, or directly share reports with your team, managers, clients or customers with the tap of a finger.

Available with Premium plan

Showcase your brand

Customize reports with your company logo, table of contents, and branding to align with unique look and feel.

Keep a complete audit trail

Sick of overflowing filing cabinets or a messy audit trail? With SafetyCulture, reports are instantly saved and secured in your account for you to access whenever you need them.

Analyze results and act on areas of opportunity

Notice recurring trends or frequently failed items? Dive into the details with analytics and drive change right away.

Assign an action to replace an air filter. Share a training course to remind teams how to operate a piece of equipment. Send a Heads Up to communicate and receive feedback about a change in procedure. Whatever the next step may be, the SafetyCulture platform is here to power your improvement journey.

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Simplify your inspections with real-time reporting built for teams

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