Environment & Sustainability Management

Improve the performance of your ESG program by reducing your environmental footprint, mitigating risks, and implementing sustainability practices.

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Set your ESG goals in motion

Ensure sustainability practices are quickly adopted across your organization with digitized processes, training, and communications. Bridge the gap between HQ and the frontline by clearly communicating your sustainability commitments. You’ll have teams aligned with your ESG goals in no time and eliminate paper every step of the way.

Drive efficiency, reduce material waste

The SafetyCulture platform helps reduce time and material waste by streamlining operations, task management, and reporting. With all your data in one place, you can spot inefficiencies, make better decisions, and enact change to deliver on your sustainability initiatives.

Ensure compliance with environmental standards

Conduct regular assessments to ensure your ESG framework is up-to-date with global ESG reporting standards. Identify most relevant issues and determine which needs immediate action to prioritize efforts and allocate resources effectively.

Prevent environmental incidents

Encourage a supportive and inclusive culture where your teams are comfortable reporting and addressing environmental risks. Use data from risk assessments, incident reports, and asset history to quickly identify and address potential risks and hazards before they become a problem.

All your ESG needs in one place

Digital Audits & Reports

Hazards & Risks

Sustainability Training

Assets & Equipment

Business Continuity Planning

Environmental Compliance Audits

Risk Management

Social Compliance Assessments

Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply Chain Risks

Waste Audit

Fleet Management

SafetyCulture is the platform of choice

Streamline operations

Collect, store, and analyze data all in one place. Ensure sustainability practices are quickly adopted across your organization with digitized checklists, training, and communications.

Anticipate & identify risks

Identify areas of improvement by conducting frequent digital risks assessments. Monitor and track identified risks so you can take corrective and preventive measures and safeguard your business.

Monitor & measure performance

Track and monitor changes in the work environment that can threaten sustainability efforts. Spot trends, review the effectiveness of key controls, and anticipate areas that need attention.

Get unparalleled support from trusted advisors

Get up and running fast with dedicated onboarding support to meet your unique business needs. Our team of experts will help you navigate complex ESG challenges with ongoing success support.

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“We capture it, we analyze it, we measure our outputs to identify what we’re doing well – or not so well! – and we learn from it. It creates a continuous improvement state where we’re constantly adapting. And there’s still so much opportunity to keep automating how we work to make processes smoother and efficient.”

Adrian Wood
Senior Quality Engineer, Bri-Stor Systems
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Develop and implement ESG and sustainability practices

Adopt ESG and sustainability practices for significant and improved financial operations and financial performance, enhanced reputation and long-term value. Implement sustainable practices and comply with environmental regulations.

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Guide

By Erick Brent Francisco

A Guide to Business Sustainability

By Jaydee Reyes

ISO 14000: A Beginner's Guide

By Jona Tarlengco

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Frequently Asked Questions

Companies can integrate ESG principles into their strategy by setting clear goals and targets for addressing ESG vision and mission, implementing eco-friendly practices, and promoting social responsibility and awareness within the organization.

Companies can undertake various environmental initiatives such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, adopting renewable energy sources, minimizing water and energy consumption, managing waste responsibly and implementing sustainable supply chain practices.

Companies can consider practices such as risk management and oversight, ethical practices and transparency, and disclosure and reporting. By implementing these practices, companies can ensure good corporate governance in meeting ESG standards and enhance company reputation as a responsible and sustainable organization.

Frameworks and guidelines such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

ESG is relevant for all types of companies regardless of size. While bigger corporations have more resources in implementing comprehensive ESG strategies, SMEs can start with small, impactful steps and gradually expand sustainability efforts.