iAuditor for transport & logistics

Get more vehicles safely on the road

Build a safer, more efficient fleet

Empower your drivers to take responsibility for their own safety. Across mobile, tablet and computer, iAuditor provides visibility and insights to help raise safety and efficiency across an organization. Your team can collect consistent data, standardize processes, send reports, identify weak areas, and get problems resolved.
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Keep your fleet moving

Unexpected vehicle downtime accounts for huge revenue losses in logistics and transportation. Get ahead of vehicle issues by performing easy, quick digital inspections regularly, and immediately assigning actions when something is wrong.

Safer vehicles, smarter operators

Train each of your operators to take responsibility for making sure their vehicle is working as expected by scheduling frequent small checks that they can do on any device. This simple practice can help keep your fleet active and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Eyes all over the world, from the comfort of your desk

With all inspection results across all sites being saved to iAuditor in real time, plus the ability to assign actions from the web, you stay updated on your entire team's performance wherever you are.

Be transported to smoother operations

  • Complete custom inspection templates anywhere

    Convert your paper forms to an iAuditor inspection in minutes, and share with all your drivers to complete on or offline. Once done, generate professional, customised reports with one click.

  • Get ahead of issues by assigning actions

    If anyone notices that a vehicle or hub isn’t quite right, they’ll have the ability to create an action on the spot to get it looked at before it turns into a problem.

  • Spot common weaknesses to drive efficiency

    Even though your vehicles and drivers may never be in the same place, all of their information is. Look for patterns, uncover common failed items, check performance over time, and compare inspection frequency in our instant analytics dashboard, no matter where you are.

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“iAuditor is such an improvement over paper. We have better tracking of how the site is performing and easier references for employee training. Ultimately that keeps everyone safer.”

- Keith Compton, Global Environmental Health and Safety Manager at Radial

“The main benefit with iAuditor is definitely the ease of use. I can make the report however I need it. Then my team can conduct audits and share those reports back in real-time.”

- Thomas Alexander, Fleet Manager for Reyes Fleet Management

"iAuditor helps us to empower our team members to own safety and keep quality of a high standard."

- Maren Shroeder, Head of Technical at VROON

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