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Connect your critical assets with sensors and make the right decision every time with real-time monitoring

 World-leading brands generate +300% return on investment with SafetyCulture by reducing costs and audit times, improving operational efficiency, and eliminating wastage

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Connect all your assets and data in one secure location

Get all the information you need in one place for immediate monitoring and faster response times so you can keep your operations running smoothly.

Monitor your operations & connected assets easily with one easy view, all in the SafetyCulture app

Always know where all your assets are located

Run analytics for rapid action

Download and extract information via public APIs

Make the right decision every time

Configure your sensors and alerting to meet your needs. Versatile across many industries & use cases.

Facilitate faster responses and decision-making with integrated data.

Perfect for industries like hospitality, retail, medical, logistics, construction, manufacturing, and aged care.

Tailor your setup with a variety of connectivity options, including LoRaWAN, WiFi, 3G, 4G, and Bluetooth

Act fast with proactive alerts and actions

Stay ahead of the curve. Proactive monitoring minimizes operational interruptions that come with delayed response and helps you stay on top of things. Get alerted when something goes wrong, so you can take action quickly.

Minimize operational interruptions

Customize sensor alert recipients, scheduling, and delivery.

Get started in minutes, no complex installations required.

Designed to save you time, money & effort

With greater visibility into your assets and operations, you can simplify compliance, lower operating costs and avoid issues with preventative maintenance.

Prevent stock loss & keep energy costs in check

Reduce downtime

Keep staff safe

Lower insurance premiums over time

Reduce audit time by keeping a log of data for compliance purposes

Find the right connected assets solution for your business


Monitor fridges, freezers, hot and cold holding equipment to ensure food safety compliance. Make sure the temperatures and humidity levels are right to keep guests comfortable. Improve sustainability and reduce costs by tracking energy usage.

Food & Beverage 

Elevate food quality and ensure customer satisfaction with a precise measurement of temperature, humidity, and environmental conditions.

Facility Management

Have peace of mind with automated temperature monitoring, notify facility managers when limits are breached, and digitize audit trails for improved traceability and compliance.


Gain accurate and compliant temperature readings for food safety and vaccine storage, differential air pressure records and receive instant alerts when conditions deviate from set requirements to ensure regulatory compliance in healthcare institutions.

Construction & Rental 

Track GPS location of your assets, all the time. Monitor equipment usage and utilization, improving efficiency and preventing theft or loss.


Monitor machine vibration to track utilization and output, and prevent machinery breakdown. Set control points for your desired temperature and humidity range and automate alerts when thresholds are breached.

Field Services 

Track vehicle utilization, keep tabs on equipment usage to maximize your operational performance. Eliminate paper-based tasks and increase technician productivity.

People Care 

Whether child care, schools or aged care facilities, track temperature and air quality to ensure comfort, then track movement in areas to enhance safety ann provide alerts in case of unusual activity.

Compatible with a growing range of use cases

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Food Safety

Bluetooth Temperature Probes

Air Quality

Open & Close Doors



Smoke Detectors

Vibration & Accelerometers

Power, Current & Voltage

Asset, Equipment Tracking & Utilization

Cold Chain Monitoring

GPS Location

Asset Tracking

Asset Utilization (Coming soon)

See how others are getting value from SafetyCulture’s Sensors & IoT

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Food, Beverage & QSRs

“SafetyCulture sensors were really easy to implement. I was concerned it would be more complicated – especially in the cool room fridges. Easy to set up on mobile and the implementation was self-explanatory on the app.”

Brittany Lendrum
Training and Safety Manager, Brooklyn Donuts
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Brooklyn Donut staff serving donuts and coffee
Spamedica logo

Pharmaceutical & Health Care

“The reliability is definitely a factor. Plus, there is no I.T. support required for this… it really helps take the weight off the shoulders of all our teams. It’s also great for auditing purposes when we get inspected by official governing bodies.”

Austin Hankinson
Fleet and Facilities Assistant, SpaMedica
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Food Manufacturing

“We have visibility into everything because of the data we capture in the SafetyCulture platform. If there’s a threshold exception or process that needs improving, all we have to do is drill down and we’ll find it.”

Sofia Dias
Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager, Marley Spoon
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Three Rivers Ambulance Authority

Emergency Services

“My favorite feature is the mobile alerting and notifications. I’m one of those guys that’s always working, and needs to know what is going on from afar. Being able to see those alerts via text message, in-app notification or email immediately on my phone – it’s extremely useful.”

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Aaron Ross
Operations Manager, Three River Ambulance Authority
Three Rivers Ambulance Authority

What’s included in our comprehensive, integrated operations platform


Easily connect to the SafetyCulture platform using SafetyCulture or third party sensors and gateways.


Leverage SafetyCulture platform’s power to get real-time alerts, submit custom checklists, log corrective actions and manage incidents.


Deploy connected asset solutions using the protocol fit for your needs, including LoRaWAN, WiFi, 3G, 4G and Bluetooth. 


Need help choosing the right sensors or want advice on the latest technology? Our team is here to assist you in setting everything up according to your needs.

Get rewarded for avoiding risks

We know that customers with a proactive risk management mindset run better, safer businesses. And you should be rewarded for that. That’s why we have launched SafetyCulture Care, our innovative new business insurance solution that integrates risk management with business insurance to calculate premiums based on your risk profile. Ask us how we can work with your insurance broker to offer you better insurance.

Start monitoring today

Get started with SafetyCulture’s sensor solutions by either contacting us directly or visiting the SafetyCulture Marketplace.

FAQs about SafetyCulture Sensors & IoT

SafetyCulture sensors are a first-in market, connected assets solution that connects you directly to your asset data offering continuous monitoring 24/7. Our devices track a variety of conditions so you can transition from a reactive to proactive and trigger alerts to the right people before issues arise. The result? Significant cost savings, increased efficiency, and optimized output. SafetyCulture’s sensors are cost-effective, reliable, and incredibly easy to install, making advanced monitoring accessible and straightforward.

Get started with SafetyCulture’s sensor solutions by either contacting us directly or visiting the SafetyCulture Marketplace.

Our sensors meet various country-specific radio frequency requirements. Talk to our experts to learn about the right devices for your location.

Wi-Fi is not required. Our sensors and gateways use LoRaWAN, a dedicated radio frequency. Connectivity options include cellular connections and Ethernet/Wi-Fi Gateways, depending on your specific needs. Unsure about the best choice? Contact us directly or visit the SafetyCulture Marketplace.

SafetyCulture provides a variety of sensors including:

  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Open & Close
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Air Quality
  • Carbon Monoxide

We regularly update our range to address more customer needs. Can’t find the sensor you need? Talk to our team of experts.

For a comprehensive list of our current sensor offerings, refer to our Sensor Guide.

If you already use our sensors, please contact your local SafetyCulture representative for additional sensors. Interested in learning more about our sensor solutions? Feel free to get in touch or explore options in our SafetyCulture Marketplace.

Certain sensors will continue to capture readings and transmit them to SafetyCulture once they’re back online. This ensures you never lose any data.

Yes, exporting sensor data to CSV is easy with both our web and mobile apps. Follow these simple steps to keep your data accessible.

Absolutely. Utilize SafetyCulture’s free seat tier to invite external users to your organization and share the benefits of sensor alerts with them.

We welcome your insights and suggestions! Feel free to share any feedback about our Sensors feature with us in the SafetyCulture Community.

A sensor monitoring system is a technology-driven solution that is designed to collect, analyze, and interpret data from various sensors that are placed strategically in different locations or connected to different equipment. They are used to track and measure specific parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, motion, light, and many others. A sensor monitoring system enables teams to efficiently monitor conditions on sites in real-time.

Sensors are used to collect data about the physical environment of the area in which they are strategically placed in. Details such as the status of temperature, humidity, and pressure, among others, are sent to a central monitoring system, which then analyzes the information and alerts users if the parameters veer off the predetermined range. Monitoring systems typically involve the use of one or more sensors, paired with software or a digital solution to display the data.