iAuditor for manufacturers, the most powerful checklist app for manufacturing inspections and audits

  • Digitize all paper checklists and conduct manufacturing plant inspections in half the time.
  • Manage quality and safety efforts with scheduling and generate automated reports.
  • Immediately communicate quality issues and safety risks with your team.

Take Your Paper Checklists Digital

Build your frequently used paper checklists in iAuditor

  • Create your own templates with drag and drop ease.
  • Build smart logic into your inspection checklist, attach annotated images, add approval signatures, and more.
  • Share your templates with your team and standardize auditing processes.
iAuditor Template Editor

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Improve Manufacturing Quality and Reduce Workplace Risk

Centralize and manage your auditing processes

  • Conduct plant inspections, equipment audits and more from anywhere in the field.
  • Automate your audit reports and immediately update your team.
  • Take corrective actions with analytics of your audit data.

Andrew Johnson

Safety Officer

"I can do easily seven or eight times the inspections. Before iAuditor it would take me three to four hours to do a report. Now, it takes me minutes." View Case Study

NA Group

Peter Giannos

HSE Manager

"iAuditor has made us a lot more organised. So using half the effort we used to put into paper, we’ve now become 100 times more organised." View Case Study

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Weave mobile auditing into your quality and safety efforts to maximize compliance and create efficient manufacturing plants.


Conduct smart checklists from anywhere

With a mobile-first platform, iAuditor allows anyone to conduct equipment and site audits in the field easily. Share reports with managers or across teams.


Build reports to suit your business

Get the flexibility you need to build audit templates that suit your business needs. iAuditor is versatile enough to handle everything from process assessments to employee induction checklists or equipment checks and more. Implementation is as easy as creating templates online, sharing with auditors in the field, and visualizing the data as reports are completed.


Gain visibility into your entire organization

Collect and analyze safety and quality data from your entire organization in one place with iAuditor. Get clarity around where safety and quality initiatives need improvement and where your team is excelling.


Get insights into safety and quality effectiveness

Instant reporting from each site will give you a constant pulse on how manufacturing initiatives are performing.


Automate communication

Receive alerts when critical safety or quality issues arise or when audit scores start to drop through iAuditor’s integration with Zapier. Real-time insight into your manufacturing plants means decreased incidents and increased quality standards and safety compliance.


Integrate seamlessly

Connect iAuditor directly to your database or other integrated systems for maintenance and asset tracking, payroll, GIS and more to simplify processes and reporting in your business.


Manage documentation

Template your safety audits to standardize across sites, assets, and processes for compliance. Roll out audit updates in just a few clicks.


Maximize compliance

With an easy-to-use interface, iAuditor requires no training. Frontline workers can start conducting audits in minutes, not days.


Save time by streamlining auditing

Attach notes and media directly in an audit without manually entering information back in an office to finalize a report.