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Published October 21st, 2020

What is an Industrial Safety Checklist?

An industrial safety checklist is primarily used by safety inspectors or industrial engineers to ensure the overall safety of a facility in any industrial setting such as manufacturing, chemical processing, and mining. The regular use of industrial safety checklists can help inspectors anticipate and mitigate the specific risks involved when working in their respective fields and easily demonstrate compliance with safety regulations.

This article will briefly discuss:

  1.  the importance of industrial safety;
  2.  top 3 industrial safety risks to overcome in 2020;
  3. elements of an industrial safety checklist;
  4. industrial safety app to empower workers in taking charge of safety; and
  5. free industrial safety checklists you can download, customize, and use.

Why is Industrial Safety Important?

The industrial sector is one of the most dangerous places to work in. Manufacturing facilities and processing plants have powerful machines with moving parts, as well as industrial-grade chemical solutions that can cause serious injury and even death to workers in some cases. Consistent pre-use and post-operation checks are necessary to mitigate these risks and ensure industrial workplace safety.

While the term “industrial safety” often refers to “safety in the manufacturing industry”, it can also be synonymous to “occupational safety” in that the government agency for occupational safety and health in India is called the Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health (DISH).

Top 3 Industrial Safety Risks to Overcome in 2020

Unsafe work conditions in industrial settings should never be ignored or go unnoticed because it can be a matter of life or death for workers and site visitors. Safety inspectors and industrial engineers should periodically assess the safety of industrial environments, identify areas of improvement, and reinforce preventive measures.

Here are the top 3 industrial safety-related risks you should look out for based on OSHA’s latest list of most-cited violations:

  • Lockout/Tagout
    Compromising lock out tag out (LOTO) procedures can cause industrial machines to unintentionally expel hazardous energy during maintenance and repair work. Due to the unsafe nature of equipment repair and maintenance, it is crucial to adhere to LOTO procedures to guarantee all dangerous machinery is properly shut off, locked out, and tagged before performing maintenance checks.

  • Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklifts)
    Inadequate forklift operator training leads to poor traveling, maneuvering, and load handling techniques.Inconsistent pre-operation checks have also caused serious damages, injuries, and even deaths. In the U.S., all forklifts should be examined at least daily before being placed in service, while forklifts used on a round-the-clock basis must be examined after each shift.

  • Machine Guarding
    Workers are constantly exposed to risks such as being caught in between moving parts, and injury by material and chemical shrapnels when machine guarding measures are inadequate. Proper machine guarding should be a priority to ensure industrial safety.

Elements of an Industrial Safety Checklist 

Using safety checklists for industrial environments are essential to minimizing incidents, improving safety outcomes, and building a safety culture from the ground up. Listed below are elements typically included in an industrial safety checklist:

Empower Workers to Take Charge of Safety with an Industrial Safety App

Improving industrial safety can be challenging, and failure to comply with industrial safety standards often lead to hefty fines, suspensions, or worse, closure. Be proactive when ensuring the overall safety of facilities in any industrial setting with an inspection and corrective action solution you can learn in minutes.

Empower your workers to easily assess industrial work environments, act on safety issues or potential risks at the onset, and have confidence in your preventive measures from the get-go. With the iAuditor Industrial Safety App, you can take advantage of the following benefits when you sign up for free today:

  • Easily convert paper documents into digital forms with smartscan or customize pre-built, industry templates with drag-and-drop editor
  • Use industrial safety checklists anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device—even when offline
  • Take or attach photo evidence of the industrial safety assessments or compliance checks and annotate images for improved visual reference
  • Assign actions with a priority level and due date to mitigate potential industrial safety risks immediately
  • Auto-generate and secure industrial safety reports in the cloud and share them to key shareholders with a tap of a finger


Shine Colcol

SafetyCulture Staff Writer

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