Don't just find it, fix it

Streamline your process with your EHS software

Assign tasks or follow-ups to the right person or team to get the job done

Create an action to assign tasks or follow-ups right when an improvement opportunity is found – from an inspection, issue, or sensor alert. Easily add context by uploading photos and notes, set the due date and priority level, and assign responsibility to individuals, groups, or teams inside or outside of your organization.


Work better, together

It’s easy to keep everyone involved and in the know. Each action has a traceable timeline that looks like a conversation, where your team members can chat and add photos to keep everyone on the same page.

Track all actions, past and present

Keep a record of every action created by your team. You can sort by assignee, site, or status so you only see what matters at any given time. Spot trends in actions to identify what areas need focus, or where training could be improved.

David Grum

"Our SOP quality inspection gives Managers and Supervisors an easy way to better track the work in their regions. Having all that data in an easy to use platform allows upper managers to easily gather the necessary information. Assigning actions for work orders tracks more accurate information with being more efficient."

David Grum, EHS Director

Learn how to use actions

Visit our actions resources in the Knowledge Library to learn how to create collaborative actions with your team.