Total asset visibility, powered by frontline insights

Improve your asset management and operations in one place.

Manage your assets with confidence

Keep a digital register of compliance with a detailed overview of your assets. View your asset’s history and upcoming activities in one place.

Make asset management a team sport

Create customizable inspection forms for your assets and enable your teams to carry out digital assessments from anywhere.

Provide visibility to the front line

Arm your teams with the information they need out in the field by uploading rich media and critical documentation to your assets

Improve uptime and elevate efficiency

Go beyond reactive repairs and keep things running smoothly with scheduled maintenance tasks that match the frequency you need.

Access information on-the-go

Display QR codes unique to each asset and make it easy for anyone with a mobile device to capture and access asset information.

Get insights in one place

Create a centralized repository for all your asset data by connecting the SafetyCulture platform to the tools you use today.

Use Assets for

Sharing information

Connect your frontline to the information they need to do their work.

Preventative Maintenance

Stay on top of maintenance activities and avoid any unplanned downtime.

Safety checks

Empower teams to perform in-depth, safety and pre-start inspections on assets.

Quality control

Capture quality control data to ensure the reliability and performance of your assets.

Maintaining compliance

View a secure, up-to-date audit trail of all inspections and tasks completed on your assets.

Resource planning

Know where your assets are, how often they are inspected, and what areas need attention.

M-Sport logo
M-Sport logo

“Assets has made a real difference for M-Sport. Being able to now specifically monitor each car’s condition with full traceability gives us total peace of mind whilst allowing us more time to focus and develop our performance on the rally stages, giving us the edge over our competition.”

Richard Millener
Team Principal at M-Sport Ford World Rally Team

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