SafetyCulture for Enterprise

Drive improvement with a platform that works at scale, adapts to your unique needs, and is backed by world-leading security.

Built for Enterprise, but different.

Drive engagement through a platform that has the power of an enterprise solution, but the simplicity teams need to get the job done.

Use on any mobile device, or web

Work in any environment with offline capability

Get teams running right away

Easy configuration to meet your needs

“Our frontline teams love it. They may not be the most tech savvy team but they’ve adapted extremely well. And for us it’s so simple. It’s really effective and easy.”

Jason Baulch
National Project Manager, ALSCO

Designed to meet the needs of global organizations

The SafetyCulture platform is flexible to meet your unique needs, no matter how large your team is or how your teams work – in the field, from the office, or around the world.

Customize workflows and solutions to meet your unique needs

Govern all your users and teams from a single place

Set organizational structure to map back to yours

Assign seat types to team members based on their needs


Security you can trust to keep your data safe

SafetyCulture delivers world-leading security and compliance, ensuring your organization and customer information is always protected. Meet privacy and regulatory requirements with enterprise-grade data protection.

99.9% uptime SLA

Annual SOC 2 Type 2 audit

Hosted on an ISO27001 certified platform

Multi-region data centers

SAML v2 single sign-on (SSO)

GDPR compliance

Manage data with peace of mind

Our policies, tools, and procedures are built to protect your data, while giving you transparency and control. Ensure the right information is shared with the right people every time with advanced admin controls.

Admin access control

Role-based permissions

Customizable workflows

Complete digital audit trail

Single identity to access multiple organizations

Secure workspaces

214% ROI with SafetyCulture

We partnered with international research firm Forrester to measure the total impact of SafetyCulture’s Workplace Operations Platform. Learn more about the continuous improvement gains waiting for you.

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Act on insights to drive your business forward

Real-time reporting and customized analytics gives your business greater visibility and transparency into safety and compliance performance and trends. This helps you identify areas for improvement and make data-driven, business critical decisions that you can enact in a few clicks.


Connect your tools and data seamlessly

Boost productivity and make better decisions by bringing in all the tools, processes and data you use to run your business. Build powerful workflows and customized integrations with or without code.

Visualize and compare your data

Extract decision-making insights by connecting directly to Power BI or your organization’s data warehouse.

Automate manual tasks

Streamline workflows by accessing thousands of plug-and-play integrators through Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate.

Provide seamless and secured access

Use Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication and manage users and groups through your company’s identity provider (such as Active Directory).

Create customized solutions

Use our Workflow Builder or SafetyCulture API to meet your team’s unique needs with completely customizable connections.

Trusted advisors

Support every step of the way

Get up and running fast with dedicated onboarding support to meet your unique business needs. Our team of experts will help you navigate your complex challenges and enhance operational efficiency with ongoing success support to guide your journey toward a healthy and safe working environment.

Tailored and advanced onboarding support

Dedicated ongoing customer success support

Account optimization and health checks

Custom integrations support

24/7 priority phone and email support

Explore customizable solutions ready to meet your business needs


Health & Safety Management

Keep teams safe on the job while promoting a safety culture across your organization


Risk & Compliance

Identify, evaluate and mitigate risks to your teams and assets through greater visibility and a data-driven approach.


Operational Excellence

Optimize processes and drive productivity, greater efficiencies and quality products or services at scale.


Environment & Sustainability

Digitize SOP’s, reduce waste and adapt sustainability best practices the moment conditions change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By employing digital enterprise solutions, businesses can enhance their daily operational efficiency. This platform facilitates monitoring and consolidation of business processes, creating a seamless workflow, and storing business data to elevate the quality of daily tasks. Platforms such as this are specifically designed to meet each organization’s unique needs. 

Employing an enterprise solution tool like SafetyCulture offers several advantages for businesses, including:

  1. Data security – Centralize sensitive information in one secure location.
  2. Regulatory compliance – Avoid legal issues and maintain the company’s positive reputation by having an up-to-date archive of all the standards to comply with.
  3. Increased productivity – Automate workflow in a centralized database so that teams are across and can collaborate more effectively.

A standard enterprise solution should have core capabilities such as asset management, data analytics and reporting, integration features, single sign-on (SSO), and collaboration tools. While specific functionalities may vary based on organizational needs, these core capabilities form a strong foundation for efficient operations and future growth.

By providing access to the right tools, businesses can thrive even in a remote setup through enterprise solutions. With intuitive collaboration and communication features, organizations foster teamwork and enable seamless interaction across teams. Some of the basic features to support this include real-time communication, up-to-date dashboards, notification features, team training capabilities, and collaborative document editing.

Absolutely. SMEs can leverage SafetyCulture to streamline their operations, consolidating various processes into a single, centralized system. For SMEs, this means that they can utilize a single tool that incorporates their processes into one safe place instead of relying on multiple standalone tools—enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and ultimately contributing to long-term success.

SafetyCulture is versatile and adaptable for organizations of all sizes, including those with multiple locations. The platform, like many other enterprise solutions, is designed to handle the needs of large companies by offering scalability, allowing seamless management of multiple sites simultaneously.

SafetyCulture has all the essential features of an enterprise solution, such as asset management, data analytics and reporting, and integration capabilities. Aside from those, seamless operations is possible with its easy configuration, offline capabilities, accessibility on web and mobile devices, features such as inspections and trainings, customizable workflows, secured data, and real-time reporting.

Yes, with SafetyCulture’s integration capabilities, not only does it have the power to connect with other enterprise systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools, but it also seamlessly integrates with various digital tools for daily operations. This capability ensures a smooth and efficient workflow by centralizing data in one safe location.

SafetyCulture’s various features and capabilities empower businesses to enhance their operational efficiency. By facilitating workplace communication, generating high-quality reports, analyzing relevant data through analytics, monitoring inspections using digital checklists, and automating processes, SafetyCulture can be instrumental in achieving operational excellence.

SafetyCulture is adaptable to the unique needs of each organization. It supports single sign-on, upholds ISO 27001 certification, and adheres to the highest industry security standards, ensuring the protection of customer and company data.