Template editor

Raising your game starts with a template

Convert your forms

Turn your existing PDF, Excel or Word inspection form into a SafetyCulture (iAuditor) template. Smart scan your document, or we’ll change it to a SafetyCulture (iAuditor) template for you (for free!)

Adapt a template

Choose from over 100k pre-made and customizable templates created and shared by industry experts. Make them your own by changing, adding or removing questions in the template editor.

Create a new template

Easily create a smart template from scratch using our intuitive, drag-and-drop template builder. Choose from multiple response types including checkboxes, multiple choice, and signature fields.

Make inspections easy

Take the guesswork out of inspections by showing your team exactly what type of answer you want. Add logic so only the questions that need to be answered show up, and enable repeated sections so inspectors can use the same set of questions as many times as they need to when inspecting different items.

Customize your templates to get the information you need

SafetyCulture (iAuditor) allows you to set different response types for your template including multiple choice, text answers, checkboxes, and more. You can also include instructions and reference photos to ensure your team knows what to look out for.

Get everyone on the same page

Automatic syncing ensures that template updates are automatically rolled out to all users so inspections across all sites follow the same standard.

“Personally, I was really impressed by this tool due to its capability for nice and easy modification of a template. Working with SafetyCulture (iAuditor) really seems to be effortless.”

Artur Molus, Digital Engineer

Learn how to make templates

Visit our template editor resources in the Knowledge Base to set yourself up for template greatness.