Top 7 Workplace Safety Inspection Checklists

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Using a Workplace Safety Inspection Checklist

Workplace safety inspection checklists are tools used by safety officers to perform critical safety examinations of a given workplace. It helps to identify potential hazards which may cause injury and harm to employees and people onsite.

Workplace safety checklists should examine all activities and controls that could pose safety hazards. Each workplace should tailor their safety inspection checklist for the given environment:

  • Construction Site: focus on PPE, fall protection, electrical hazards and communication protocols.
  • Office Environment: focus on fire safety, emergency evacuation and ergonomics.
  • Warehouse & Factories: focus on PPE, racks and shelving, manual handling, forklifts and signage.

We have created 7 of the best workplace safety checklists for different work environments you can download for free. iAuditor is the world’s #1 mobile inspection app and can be used to perform paperless safety inspections. Take photo evidence of safety hazards, gather detailed notes and generate comprehensive report without leaving the workplace.

Top 7 Workplace Inspection Checklists

1. General Workplace Safety Checklist

This general workplace safety checklist can be used for general building and office workplace environments. It includes items critical to safety and security of employees including: emergency equipment, unobstructed pathways (aisles & stairways) and adequate lighting in work areas.

2. Construction Site Workplace Safety Checklist

A construction site workplace safety checklist is used to assess safety hazards within a given construction site. Perform a general site safety walk of your construction site and examine hazards across key areas of PPE, scaffolding, emergency evacuation, signage and toolbox talk processes. Include photo evidence of safety hazards identified on site.

3. Office Workplace Safety Checklist

An office workplace safety checklist is used to assess health and safety risks exposed to employees in an office environment. It involves the examination of an offices’ emergency evacuation, security, accessibility, fire safety, hygiene facilities and employee ergonomics.

4. Warehouse Safety Checklist

Warehouse safety checklists are used to identify safety hazards and risks in a warehouse and manufacturing facility. Common warehouse safety hazards include racking and shelving, aisle accessibility, emergency procedures, forklift use and general housekeeping. Use this checklist to identify specific hazards when performing a safety walk of your warehouse facility.

5. Site Safety Walk Checklist

Site safety walk checklists are used to assess possible health and safety hazards through an examination of the workplace. This template includes all the areas of the site starting with the surrounding environment, work areas and emergency exits and procedures.

6. Safety Observation Form

Safety observation forms are used to identify hazards in the workplace. Provide details of the hazard and the appropriate control measure needed. An infographic of hierarchy of controls reference is included in this template.

7. Workplace Risk Assessment Form

A workplace risk assessment form is used to identify and prioritize safety risks in a workplace environment. This risk assessment form guides the inspector to perform the following:

  1. Observe tasks being formed onsite which are at risk of causing harm to workers
  2. Provide a detailed description of the task and hazard and capture photo evidence of the activity
  3. Assign an overall risk rating (High, Medium, Low)
  4. Select appropriate control measures and include detailed notes