Top 7 Near Miss Reporting Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

This mobile-first digital solutions provider, primarily used by clients to enhance and maintain safety protocols in the workplace, offers the best near miss management software thanks to its key functionalities. With the help of their customizable templates, employees can easily record, track, and monitor issues and send it to their supervisors for recommendations. With Safety Culture, near misses are reported and resolved in just a matter of minutes.


  • Choose the best near-miss reporting checklist from the Public Library and use that as a template for reporting incidents that occur on-site.
  • Raise issues immediately, adding a detailed description of the incident with media attachments (photos, videos, notations, etc.).
  • Collaborate with the rest of the team via Heads Up so they can discuss resolutions to discovered issues.
  • Generate PDF, Excel, and Web reports with analytics using the templates and share them with supervisors and other relevant team members.
  • Track incident data history in a secure central repository when dealing with reoccurrences or access the documents when requested for compliance reports or audits.

Why use iReportSource?

This mobile and web-based tool improves the efficiency and effectiveness of employee safety initiatives of a company. By digitizing data and streamlining daily operations, iReportSource makes hazard identification and near-miss reporting easier, more accurate, and consistent every single time.


  • Incident reporting with analytics
  • OSHA compliance management
  • Safety training

Why use Tap Report?

This workplace inspection solution can double as a near-miss reporting application because of its easy-to-use features. By scanning a smart tag, users can immediately view the history details of a site or specific equipment and inspect for possible damage or defects. With just a tap, employees can get guidance from their supervisors about the next steps.


  • Incident reporting
  • On-the-spot guidance
  • Automated record keeping

Why use EHS Insight?

From the name itself, this incredibly comprehensive EHS software helps companies safeguard the overall health and safety of their people and the environment. Near-miss and incident reporting is made simple with this digital solution, thanks to a real-time dashboard that contains a wealth of information, including inspection documents, complete machine history, and KPI reports.


  • Incident analysis tools
  • Data dashboards and reports
  • Mobile functionality

Why use VelocityEHS?

This platform has a complete suite of modules that ensure environment, health, and safety, as well as compliance with regulatory bodies. With this platform, companies can effectively identify hazards and risks, fully document near-misses, and create reports that may be shared with relevant stakeholders.


  • Incident management
  • Risk analysis
  • Corrective actions

Why use FORM OpX?

This mobile-based audit management software is effective in reporting near-misses by simply collecting salient and accurate data, sharing it with teams, and getting immediate insights for better decision-making. With FORM OpX’s streamlined workflows, organizations can ascertain the safety of their people.


  • Digital audits
  • Collaborative workflows
  • Alerts and notifications

Why use SHEQSY?

This highly-rated lone-worker platform ensures the safety of employees working on their own in the field or off-site. With its numerous real-time functionalities, lone workers can report near-misses and incidents at once. Supervisors, on the other hand, can provide recommendations for resolutions or back-up immediately.


  • Automated check-in
  • 24/7 monitoring and response
  • Quick duress alarm activation

What is Near Miss Reporting Software?

Near miss reporting software is a digital solution used by companies across sectors to detect and remove hazards and risks before they develop into accidents that may cause injuries to workers, delays in the operation, and hefty fines from government regulators. By leveraging automation and mobile technology, employees can record near misses anywhere, at any time, and proactively find solutions. This could be a stand-alone incident management tool or part of the more comprehensive EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) platform.


In the past, any unforeseen incidents that occurred took days to be resolved because reporting was done manually. By the time a recommendation is provided, the hazard discovered has already caused harm or property damage. Using a near-miss software solution loosens up the bottlenecks in the workflows. Here are some specifics:

  • Predictive capability = Proactive employees – Digital solutions have the functionality to spot patterns and trends through robust analytics, which managers can use when they plan strategies to manage specific risks in particular areas of the operations. This information also empowers every single one in the organization to bring up concerns, write up complete reports, and mobilize to mitigate problems.
  • Accident prevention = Ensured compliance – By detecting hazards early, conducting investigations, and taking immediate remedial action, full-blown accidents are prevented. Aside from protecting the company’s employees and saving property from damage, the organization can assure government regulators that they instituted proper corrective actions and operate within the set mandates.
  • Cost savings – Accidents are incredibly expensive for companies. Aside from spending on medical expenses of injured personnel and repairs on damaged equipment, downtimes result in productivity losses. Managing incidents using digital solutions is the only way to go.
  • Continuous improvements in EHS systems – With the platform, it is easier to create reports and conduct regular inspections or audits. Because the job is not tedious or time-consuming anymore, people have more incentive to work on it! These documents, stored in a central repository, can simply be accessed by managers when they plan to enhance their safety programs.
  • Promote a culture of safety – When employees are empowered to speak out and discuss their concerns when they see something wrong, and when there is a system put in place to facilitate this (e.g., near miss reporting digital forms), the company becomes a much safer place to work in.

Key Features

Near miss reporting software is essential for organizations that want to keep their employees safe. This is possible as long as it has the following essentials:

Selecting the Right Near Miss Reporting Software

Companies can discover possible safety issues and take remedial action to avoid accidents with any of the options listed above. Before you make your final choice, take another look at all seven below:

Near Miss Reporting Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
iReportSource No Contact for pricing Yes
Tap Report No $100/month/property with a $1,200 set-up Yes
EHS Insight No Custom quote Yes
VelocityEHS No Contact for pricing Yes
FORM OpX No Custom quote Yes
SHEQSY Yes $10/month Yes

* billed annually

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