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Near miss reports contain the details of near miss events that could have caused personal injury or property damage. Near miss reporting should be encouraged in organizations to help mitigate the risks exposed by near miss events and prevent more serious, even fatal, incidents from occurring. Here are 15 ways to get more near misses & hazards reported in your workplace.

Near miss reports contain the following:

  1. Date and time of occurrence
  2. Location
  3. Description of the near miss event
  4. People involved

Near misses occur daily in all industries but they are not always reported and sometimes considered too trivial to be reported. Near miss report forms can take long to fill out and the submitted paper forms tend to get lost.

Risks can be time-sensitive and taking proper action plus near miss reporting can prevent incidents from re-occurring and causing more serious problems.

iAuditor is a powerful mobile app that allows easy paperless near miss reporting with photos as evidence to better describe the incident for future preventive measures. Electronic reports done on the iAuditor app can be submitted faster and the intended recipients can receive notifications.

Browse these 3 easy to use digital near miss forms you can download for free and use anytime anywhere with the iAuditor mobile app.

3 Featured Near Miss Report Templates

1. Near Miss Report Form

You can use this near miss report template to record the occurrence of near miss and include photos as added evidence. Note the date/time, location of the near miss, select what type of near miss, and provide more details on the event. Note what was done or learned right after the near miss. iAuditor templates are fully customizable so you can change any part of the template to fit your needs.

2. Quick Near Miss Form

Use this near miss form to quickly record the incident and indicate if work stopped or continued business as usual. Generate web reports that you can easily share to intended recipients.

3. Near Miss Template

This near miss template allows providing the description and photos surrounding the incident as well as inclusion of the names of other witnesses of the near miss.

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