Top 6 Ladder Inspection Checklists

Identify and instantly report ladder defects and damages, and improve worker safety with a mobile app

What is a Ladder Inspection Checklist?

A ladder inspection checklist is a tool guide used in assessing the working condition of a ladder. It helps ensure that a ladder passes safety and quality standards before use and that it is being used correctly by trained workers. Performing regular ladder inspections helps reduce the likelihood of injuries caused by an equipment malfunction and improves overall worker safety.

Digitize Your Ladder Inspection Forms for Efficiency

Streamline paperwork and recordkeeping and automatically save all ladder inspection reports online for easy access anytime, anywhere. Instantly get notified of equipment malfunctions to help your workers avoid accidents. Promote safety in the workplace and with workers with the use of iAuditor, a mobile inspection app that lets you:

  1. Perform ladder inspections with a tablet or mobile device
  2. Take or attach photo evidence and add annotations to illustrate identified issues
  3. Improve communication between members of your organization with easy report sharing
  4. Generate comprehensive reports as you finish an audit. Preview sample report.
  5. Securely save all reports in the cloud.