Top 6 Ladder Inspection Checklists

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A ladder inspection checklist is a tool guide used in assessing the working condition of a ladder. It helps ensure that a ladder passes safety and quality standards before use and that it is being used correctly by trained workers. Performing regular ladder inspections helps reduce the likelihood of injuries caused by an equipment malfunction and improves overall worker safety.

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Top 6 Ladder Inspection Checklists

1. Ladder Inspection Checklist

A ladder inspection checklist is a step-by-step guide used to ensure that a ladder passes quality and safety measures. Use this checklist to identify equipment defects before use to reduce risks and accidents such as cuts, bruises, or other severe injuries. Make the most of this checklist by following the points below:

  1. Take or attach a photo of a ladder and its tag or label
  2. Describe ladder type, length, class, and weight supported
  3. Provide photo evidence of identified defects
  4. Rate ladder, add your comments or recommendations, and sign off with a digital signature.

2. Ladder Safety Checklist

A ladder safety checklist is used to assess if a ladder is suitable for use and will not be a cause of injury. Use this checklist to conduct safety checks by testing the ladder’s functionality and reliability. Ensure that the ladder has gone through proper inspection (before and after use) and identify defects that may cause potential risks such as falls.

3. OSHA Ladder Inspection Form

This OSHA Ladder Inspection Form was converted with iAuditor. Use this as a guide in purchasing, maintenance, and usage of ladders to ensure worker safety. Maximize iAuditor’s features by capturing photos of ladders before use and highlight specific hazards by annotating defects. Record observations regarding ladder usage and assign appropriate actions to your supervisor to notify them about potential hazards detected while working on ladders.

4. Ladder Set Up and Usage Checklist

This template can be used by managers and safety teams to inspect if a ladder was set up and used properly during operations. Start by recording the nature of work and identifying the type of ladder used to perform the task. Then evaluate the process of setting up and climbing up a ladder. Lastly, provide recommendations to improve safety.

5. PPE Checklist

Proper usage of PPE can reduce the risk of falling or tripping when using a ladder. Use this template to select the appropriate equipment associated with the task being performed when using a ladder. Record hazards that may be in contact with the body, select the correct PPE and inspect PPE condition by taking photo evidence. Use iAuditor to ensure quality PPE before use to prevent serious injuries that may be encountered.

6. Accident Report Form Checklist

Keeping an accident report helps track improvement on ladder safety. Use this template to document accidents caused by faulty ladders, improper use of ladder or not wearing recommended PPE. Start by recording information of the injured person, injury details, contributing factors and recommendations. You may also include emergency services involved, hospitalization information and witness statements. Use iAuditor to take photo evidence of the injury and track accident location.