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Safety Harness Checklists

Safety harness checklists are used to inspect fall protection harness equipment before use to determine if the equipment is in safe condition. Safety harness inspections should check for labelling, webbing, stitching, D-rings, lanyards, snap hook-ends and overall competency of the person using the harness. We have collated these free fall protection safety checklists you can use to perform harness and lanyard checks and general site safety inspections.

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1. Safety Harness Equipment Inspection

Use this template to ensure that your harness is in good condition before use to reduce the risk of falling. Begin by capturing the identification and intended usage of the harness/ lanyard you are inspecting. Carefully inspect each part of the harness and its connections (snap hooks, lanyard and tie-off adaptors/ anchorages). Make sure to check the label of each to identify the type of harness, model, manufacturing details, limitations and warnings. Complete the inspection by rating the overall condition of the harness and whether it can be used or needs repair.

2. Harness & Lanyard Inspection Checklist

Use this harness inspection checklist to check the condition of your harness and lanyards. Capture manufacturer details of the harness and lanyard being inspected, take photos of all labelling and tags. Perform visual and tactile equipments and record any damage and defects found including cuts, fraying, excessive wear, D-ring damage etc. Take photo evidence of any defects found.

3. Fall Protection Site Safety Inspection

Use this template to identify safety measures before, during and after work shifts when working at heights. Start with a description of the work, take appropriate photos and list down names of personnel performing the task. Next identify the safety measures in place including permits, proper training, safety routes, vicinities and equipment. Then check the harness if it is properly connected and used. Afterwhich, identify the changes that need to be implemented and finally, summarize the inspection by providing recommendations of equipment to be replaced or removed from service. This should be used in conjunction with safety harness inspection templates.

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