7 Best RoHS Software of 2024

Why Use SafetyCulture?

Recognized as a leading platform for safety and quality assurance, SafetyCulture offers the best Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance software solution that quality directors and compliance managers can rely on. This software supports automated workflows, perfect for labor-intensive chemical inventories and materials declaration. It can also be integrated seamlessly with other systems, ensuring documentation is accessible and up-to-date. Finally, its mobile-first design enables users to capture data in real-time using their mobile devices, making this beneficial for global enterprises with field teams in remote locations. 


  • Gain a comprehensive view of compliance across the organization, including that of suppliers, by centralizing data management and making it accessible on the cloud.
  • Efficiently conduct all checks, from material sourcing and substance tracking to final product audits, with customizable chemical templates and checklists.
  • Promptly investigate and resolve issues, demonstrating the company’s commitment to safety.
  • Manage accuracy during data entry and reconciliation and drive continuous improvements through robust reporting and analytics.
  • Ensure employees understand and know how to identify electronic and electrical chemical hazards by deploying ready-made RoHS courses to teams.

Why Use iPoint?

Designed specifically for risk and compliance management, Ipoint is a good option for RoHS compliance. This software offers a module that optimizes processes for electronics and electrical businesses, ensuring they adhere to the directive in every phase of the product’s lifecycle.  


  • Data collection with automated document requests 
  • Report tracking (due dates, acceptance status, recipients, etc.)
  • Monitoring of global RoHS versions

Why Use MatCheck by Rumzer?

A software suite for product stewardship and material compliance, MatCheck by Rumzer streamlines tasks to ensure that companies follow the EU RoHS directive and other environmental regulations. Aside from their quick set-up and integrations, many prefer this for their fair pricing options. 


  • Declarable substance lists based on Global regulations 
  • Compliance request management 
  • Material declarations publishing

Why Use 3E Exchange?

A cloud-based ESG platform designed for global supply chain operators, 3E Exchange is a satisfactory pick for companies looking for RoHS compliance tools. Serving thousands of companies worldwide since the 1980s, this solutions provider has the expertise in aggregating data, validating its accuracy, and generating reports for compliance.  


  • Full material disclosure 
  • Automated supplier reminders 
  • Up-to-date regulatory information

Why Use Source Intelligence?

This platform specializes in global supply chain compliance, risk management, RoHS compliance,  and ESG management. With Source Intelligence, companies creating and handling electronics and electric devices gain detailed visibility into their operations. 


  • Multi-tiered billing management 
  • Extensive integrations with lifecycle and resource management systems
  • Responsible sourcing and parts obsolescence

Why Use Assent?

Highly acclaimed for its comprehensive suite of tools and incredible scalability, Assent is the go-to solution for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) management among aerospace, automotive, and electronics companies. Aside from ensuring compliance with regulations like RoHS, it also helps users address a wide array of risks for business continuity and sustainability. 


  • Regulatory compliance management 
  • Enhanced supplier screening and engagement 
  • Data reporting and analysis

Why Use GreenSoft Technology?

Rarely can one find a specialized and comprehensive solution for environmental regulatory compliance, making Greensoft Technology a great  choice for many companies across industries. With solutions for RoHS, EU Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), conflict minerals, and US Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), businesses can fully comply with regulations and continue to gain market access.  


  • Full materials declaration 
  • Internal escalation solution
  • Compliance data export

What is RoHS Software?

RoHS software is a specialized digital solution that helps electrical and electronics companies adhere to the RoHS directive of the European Union (EU). With its comprehensive set of compliance tools, users can efficiently manage, track, and report on the hazardous substances in their products, ensuring they meet the strict EU regulations and uphold environmental standards.


The RoHS directive is meant to protect human health and the environment from toxic hazards created during the manufacture, distribution, and disposal of electronics and electrical items. Substances such as lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, and phthalates are chemical hazards proven to cause serious health complications and ecological problems, hence their restriction under this regulation.

RoHS compliance is a complex process that requires meticulous data management and close monitoring. Leveraging RoHS solutions offers numerous benefits that ensure companies operate with diligence in every phase of the production process.

With robust digital tools, in-house compliance teams can do accurate inventories, conduct chemical safety audits, and collate the proper documentation required by relevant agencies. Some solutions even offer comprehensive training to employees, ensuring every member understand the significance of the directive so they can strictly abide by the rules.

Key Features

RoHS software offers a range of features that help compliance officers, quality assurance teams, and product development engineers comply with the EU directive. Here are some functionalities to look for:

  • Customizable templates for RoHS-related activities (e.g. material declarations, Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT), safety audits, etc.)
  • Substance tracking and management
  • Compliance documentation and reporting
  • Centralized dashboard for supplier management
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Regulatory updates and alerts
  • Collaborative tools
  • Data integrations, import, and export
  • Mobile accessibility with offline capabilities

How to Choose the Right RoHS Software

With several options detailed above, finding the right RoHS solution is not difficult when you know what the company needs. Take another look at the best software for RoHS compliance in the chart provided:

RoHS Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
iPoint No Contact for pricing No
MatCheck by Rumzer Yes $234/user/month* No
3E Exchange Yes Contact for pricing Yes
Source Intelligence No Contact for pricing No
Assent No Contact for pricing No
GreenSoft Technology No Contact for pricing No

* billed annually

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