hazardous chemicals checklist

Hazardous Substances Safety Checklists

Proper handling, storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals in the workplace can help reduce exposure to toxic materials and related workplace incidents. Without proper controls and training in place, exposure to chemicals can cause burns, respiratory illnesses and cancer as well as fire and explosion-related injuries. Any industry that handles hazardous chemicals needs to be aware of safety practices, common harmful chemicals include paints, disinfectants, glues, heavy metals, pesticides and petroleum products. Regular worksite inspections can help identify gaps in the handling, storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals and help prevent incidents before they occur.

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Chemical Handling, Storage and Disposal Checklist

Use this template to conduct an inspection on proper handling, storing, and disposal of hazardous chemical substances. Begin with a description of the worksite activity and list down hazardous chemicals being handled. Check if employees are wearing appropriate PPE and are trained surrounding the emergency procedures. Inspect the chemical containers to ensure packages are labelled clearly and in good condition. Evaluate if hazardous chemicals are stored properly. Observe the waste disposal process and ensure that standard operating procedures are followed. Conclude the inspection by providing a final safety recommendation and areas for improvement.

OSHA Hazardous Chemical Exposure Checklist

This OSHA Hazardous Chemical Exposure self-inspection checklist can be used as a safety precaution before handling chemical substances. Ensure that trained and fully equipped personnel will be performing the task. Check chemical containers for leakage, damage or dents and if the work area has a proper ventilation system installed.

PPE Checklist

Most chemicals can enter the body through skin absorption, inhalation and ingestion. Mishandling of chemical substances can often lead employees to serious injuries or fatalities. Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) like safety gloves, suits, goggles and face masks can help eliminate these hazards. Use this checklist to select the appropriate PPE and check its condition before exposure to chemical substances.

Accident Report Form Checklist

Accidents and injuries are common in workplaces when chemical safety procedures were not followed. Compile accident records for your organization to track improvement on safety. Document significant data of the injured person, injury details and factors contributing to the incident. Also record hospitalization and witness statements for more accurate information.

Minimizing Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals

hazardous chemical handling safety tips

Overexposure to chemical substances may cause acute or chronic health damages. Follow these general tips to protect yourself from chemical hazards.

  • Ensure chemical containers are clearly labeled.
  • Inspect containers for leaks or damage.
  • Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.
  • As much as possible minimize your exposure to a chemical substance.
  • Read the label and follow instructions carefully.
  • Ensure emergency equipment are readily available.
  • Ensure proper ventilation.
  • Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Proper training on chemical handling.
  • Be cautious of health symptoms.
  • Be aware of first aid procedures.
  • Do not return contaminated or unused material to the original container.
  • Use proper tools to open chemical containers to prevent spillage
  • When pouring chemical substance handle with care to avoid splashing and spurting.
  • Keep working area clean.

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