How to improve lab safety

The laboratory environment exposes numerous hazards to students and staff including chemical, biological, physical and radioactive hazards. Following lab safety rules and conducting regular self-inspections can help prevent or eliminate hazards. iAuditor is an inspection app used by labs and universities worldwide to improve safety and prevent incidents from occurring. Get started by downloading these free sample templates to see how you can improve your lab safety procedures.

Important lab safety rules

Following lab safety rules can prevent people from getting hurt. Listen to your lab supervisors instructions at all times. General rules to follow include:

  1. Wear safety equipment - proper attire and safety goggles should always be worn
  2. Handle chemicals with care - follow proper storage and handling instructions
  3. Eye wash station - immediately flush out chemical at the shower station
  4. Handle equipment - use proper attire when handling equipment
  5. Fire safety evacuation - ensure everyone is aware of fire safety procedures
  6. Speak up - if you notice any unsafe conditions in the lab
Start performing digital inspections

Lab Safety Inspection Checklist

This is a general laboratory safety inspection template which can be used by labs to conduct regular self-inspections of their areas. It assesses general safety, PPE compliance, chemical safety, hazardous waste, biological safety, compressed gas cylinder safety and radiation safety. You can edit this template to suit your individual lab, specific equipment and relevant safety standards.

iAuditor lets you conduct inspections and generate reports on your mobile device while in the lab. You can schedule monthly inspections for your labs to ensure safety oversights aren’t missed. Preview a sample completed lab inspection report using iAuditor below.

Lab Incident Report Form

Use this template to report any incidents in the lab including chemical spills, leaks, cuts and any other injuries or property damage. Begin with information of the lab and building details, persons involved and exact details of the incident. iAuditor allows you to capture photo evidence of the injury and equipment damage, giving you more time to record and identify the root cause of the incident rather than wasting time on paperwork.

Lab Fire Extinguisher Inspection Template

Lab fires can be extremely dangerous due to various flammable liquids, chemicals and ignition devices (e.g. bunsen burners). All laboratories should be prepared with the correct fire extinguisher fully equipped at all times. This template can be used by labs to conduct monthly fire extinguisher inspections and to accurately identify any defects or further maintenance work required.

Chemical Safety Checklist

Use this chemical safety template when conducting inspections of labs or work areas that house hazardous chemicals. Inspect chemical handling, wastage, storage and safety processes. Conduct general safety checks of fume hoods, gases, hand wash facilities and personnel training. Take photos of areas that need attention or commendation of best practices. Give detailed recommendations and complete your report on your mobile without leaving the lab.