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What is a COSHH Assessment?

A COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) assessment is an organized process of evaluating hazardous chemicals and their effects on employees. UK COSHH Regulations (2002) state that employers should carry out a COSHH assessment to protect employees from overexposure to hazardous chemicals and to prevent injuries and the acquisition of diseases.

We compiled 3 of the best COSHH assessment templates you can download for free and customize. Perform paperless COSHH assessments using the iAuditor mobile app. Spend less time recording risks and more time fixing them.

Why Perform COSHH Assessments?

Skin exposure to hazardous substances is a very common occupational disease. A recent HSE report found 6,000 self reported cases of skin disease in the last 3 years due to hazardous substance exposure. Skin disease from chemical exposure has profound detrimental effects on workers daily activities, ability to work and self-image. Occupations most affected include metalworkers, machine operators and other industrial workers dealing with hazardous substances. Performing COSHH assessments can ensure a safer and healthy workspace and help boost employee productivity.

paint hazardous substance metalworking fluid hazardous substance
insecticides hazardous substance laboratory hazardous substance

6 Essential Elements of a COSHH Assessment Template

A COSHH assessment template is used by employers and safety teams to spot chemical hazards and other potential health risks on site. An efficient COSHH assessment should document these 6 essential elements:

  1. Detailed listing of hazardous substances present in the workplace;
  2. Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) and health risks;
  3. Control measures to be implemented (PPE, First Aid Measures)
  4. Information on proper storage, handling and disposal of chemicals;
  5. Authorization by employer or supervisor

Carrying out a COSHH assessment can be a regulatory burden for inspectors because of the large amount of paperwork involved. Using a mobile inspection software like iAuditor can help your business perform more effective COSHH assessments to prevent injuries or any adverse health effects from harmful chemicals.

iAuditor is the world’s most powerful inspection app and is used to perform paperless evaluations, assessments and inspections. Generate comprehensive reports of your COSHH assessments and electronically share them using your mobile device while on-site.

Download this collection of ready-to-use COSHH assessment templates referencing HSE online sources and converted using iAuditor.

Top 3 COSHH Assessment Templates

1. HSE COSHH Assessment Template

This COSHH assessment template was based on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and was converted using iAuditor. Start by listing chemical hazards and substances present in the workplace. Provide details of their usage and the people who may be exposed. Next record information on how the substance could cause harm and how much of the substance will be used for the job. Record Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) and emergency procedures set by the management. Next, complete the information about the methods of prevention or control of exposure. Lastly, provide an overall rating of the assessment and affix a digital signature to validate the audit.

2. COSHH Risk Assessment Template

This COSHH risk assessment template can be used to prevent serious illnesses and health problems by controlling the exposure to hazardous substances. Evaluate hazards associated with the activity. Record the control measures and personal protective equipment to be used when handling these substances. Also take note of first aid measures in case of an emergency. Next record means of disposing hazardous wastes and contaminated containers. Provide a risk rating after following the control measures. Generate reports while on-site.

3. Chemical Handling, Storage and Disposal Checklist

This self-inspection checklist can be used as a safety precaution before using and handling chemical substances at work. Ensure that the staff are trained and fully equipped before performing the task. Inspect chemical containers for leakage, damage or dents. Also check if the work area has a proper ventilation system installed.

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