Make under-reporting a thing of the past

Empower anyone to capture what they see and instantly notify the right people.

Change your reporting culture by making it easy for anyone to report observations, hazards, near misses, and more.

More issues reported means teams are better equipped to act and resolve things quickly — before they get out of hand or result in more serious incidents. With better visibility and traceability, organizations can get to the root cause of workplace trends, learn how to anticipate areas that need attention and continuously improve everyday.

Empower anyone to capture what they see

Allow team members to skip over-complicated forms by reporting issues directly through the SafetyCulture (iAuditor) app. It’s easy to share what’s happening in detail by capturing critical information like photos, video, weather and location in seconds.

No login? No problem! Invite extended members of the team – like contractors, remote workers, cleaning crew, even customers – to submit issues through your dedicated QR code. Print posters or stickers and display your QR code anywhere work is happening.

Never miss a moment from the frontline

Automated notification workflows can be customized to fit your reporting lines, giving you real-time insight into what’s happening the moment it happens and confidence that the right people are always in the know.

Act immediately to support teams when they need it the most

A collaborative timeline encourages leaders and frontline teams to act quickly together and move towards a resolution in minutes not days. New information can be added when it comes to light with dynamic reporting capabilities that don’t exist with paper or legacy solutions.

Keep a record of everything

Stay compliant, track every touchpoint from the initial capture, all the way to resolution, and keep a history of all your reports at your fingertips.

Create a safer, more efficient workplace

Stop waiting for something to happen. Compare and analyze your Issues data, spot trends to anticipate areas that need attention and continuously improve everyday.

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Paul Crawford, Director of Operations

“[We] are driven by the fact we can be better tomorrow than we are today… what's critical in developing that sort of culture is the ability to report on it ...empowering our frontline workers to be able to notify us of anything that's happening out there in the field or in the factory.”

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Paul Taylor, Head of Compliance & Continual Change

“We shouldn't underestimate what it's done for the team. The team feel empowered. So the engagement of the team is phenomenal because actually they can see that this is making their life easier.”

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Scott Picton, Safety Manager

“When I started at Coffey Testing we had 13 lost time injuries (LTIs) in that year, and for the last 4 years we haven’t had a single LTI because of our improved issues reporting, communication and management, which is great.“

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