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What is a Risk Assessment Template?

A risk assessment template is a tool used to identify and control risks in the workplace. It involves a systematic examination of a workplace and its environment to identify hazards, assess injury severity and likelihood, and implement control measures to reduce risks.

Why Perform In-house Operational Risk Assessments?

While outsourcing can save your team time and effort, performing in-house operational risk assessments can bolster your company’s culture in several ways:

1. Enable workers to be proactive rather than reactive

A proactive approach to safety pays off in the long run since the majority of workplace injuries are preventable only if workers know the possible risks and how to handle the situation.

2. Reinforce responsibility and accountability

When workers are obligated to look out for one another’s safety through in-house operational risk assessments, the habit and culture of responsibility and accountability are reinforced.

3. Promote transparency and collaboration against operational risks

To identify, evaluate, and control operational risks, teams need to be open and transparent with their activities and processes.

Creating a Report with Risk Assessment Templates

One of the main things to keep in mind is the format of your report, which will serve as the outline of the risk assessment, depending on its type.

What is the Correct Format of the Template?

When creating a report, the following information should always be present:

  • Who is at risk?
    It is important to specify the demographic that is at risk of an identified hazard.
  • Current control measures
    Find out and include what the organization is currently doing to lower the risk of injury for identified demographics.
  • Necessary improvements /changes to control measures
    Come up with ideas on how they can be improved or replaced to further lower the risk of injury for identified demographics.
  • Assignments and deadlines
    Finally, include the names of personnel who will be responsible for the updates, along with clear deadlines.

Writing the Title Page

  • Who prepared it?
    Refers to the name of an individual risk assessor or the company/team working on the risk assessment report.
  • Who is it for?
    Indicate what or who the risk assessment is for.
  • Done on
    Specify the date on which the risk assessment and the report were completed.
  • Review date
    This indicates a specific date set for reviewing risk assessment protocols. As a general rule, a risk assessment review must be done whenever significant changes are made to operations.

Writing the Main Body

The two types of risks are physical and substance risks. Slips, trips, falls, getting or injuries due to falling objects all fall under physical risk. Injuries due to toxic, flammable, and caustic materials are covered under substance risks. 

Risk Assessment Report Example

Here’s a sample basic risk assessment template to help get you started. Download and customize it according to your business needs.

FAQs About Risk Assessment Templates

Safety officers, risk managers, and decision-makers can use a risk assessment template. Employers should choose those who have the right knowledge and credentials to perform risk assessments on a set schedule or when it is deemed necessary. 

Risk assessments with a template can be summarized into 5 steps:

  1. Identify hazards
  2. Evaluate the level of risks
  3. Determine the appropriate controls
  4. Record and document
  5. Review the assessment and update if necessary

A general risk assessment template should mainly include the following:

  • Description of procedure, task, or worksite being assessed
  • Hazards observed and identified
  • Tasks and activity that the hazard is associated with
  • Risk rating
  • Control measures
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