15 of the Best Risk Assessment Checklists
from iAuditor's Public Library

A risk assessment checklist can be used to identify potential hazards, and record actions that can be taken to minimize the risk.


Workplace Risk Assessment Checklist

Use this detailed checklist to perform an extensive workplace risk assessment for the manufacturing industry.


Construction Hazard Assessment Checklist

This Construction Hazard Assessment checklist template is to identify construction jobsite hazards and assess risk on the construction site.


Working at Heights Risk Assessment Checklist

Use this Working At Height Risk Assessment checklist template to identify any working at height hazards and risk assessment for working at heights.


Plumbing Risk Assessment Checklist

Use this pre-start checklist to identify site hazards, and severity of injury should an incident occur. Also includes risk matrix, control measures and options to upload photos.


Plant Risk Assessment Checklist

Use a plant risk assessment checklist to identify potential risks before operating plant and equipment.


Safety Assessment Checklist

This Safety Assessment Checklist template includes PPE assessments and construction equipment assessments as well as general workplace safety requirements.


Confined Space Risk Assessment Template Checklist

Confined spaces include areas such as: tanks, ducts, flues, chimneys, containers, and other enclosed or partially enclosed structures. There are additional risks when working in confined spaces and it is important to complete a risk assessment prior to commencing work.


Point of Work Risk Assessment (POWRA) Construction Checklist

A Point of Work Risk Assessment (POWRA) is used across the construction industry as a workplace risk assessment used to identify those things, situations, processes and activities that may cause harm particularly to people.


Safety Inspection Checklist for Project Manager

This safety inspection checklist should be completed by the project manager on all site visits. It covers: electrical safety, PPE, general site conditions, powered lifts and more.


Risk Assessment - Supervisor Assessment Checklist

Checklist for assessing risks/hazards on oil & gas production locations

Health Services

Safety Risk Assessment Checklist

This healthcare physiocal environment risk assessment can be used to identify hazards and risks for people working in the health care industry.


Fire Risk Assessment Checklist

This checklist template can be used to perform a fire risk assessment of a building.

Emergency Services

Police Search Warrant Risk Assessment Checklist

This checklist can be used to perform a risk assessment on a property before conducting a search warrant.


Construction Risk Assessment Template Checklist

Identify common construction site hazards with this Risk Assessment Template Checklist. Covers working at heights, plant and equipment, scaffolds, lifting equipment, harness equipment, ladders and more.


COPA Flight Risk Assessment Tool

Preflight Risk Assessment Tool created by Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association.

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