Fire Risk Assessment Templates

The primary objective of a fire risk assessment is to ensure that a home, building or workplace is free from fire risks and hazards. It is typically conducted by a competent safety official who is trained to identify key risks and recommend corrective actions.

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What is included in a fire risk assessment?

A fire risk assessment reduces the probability of a fire starting. It is performed by a competent official and will typically cover the following:

  1. People at risk - who are the ones affected?
  2. Hazard identification - what causes fire?
  3. Risk reduction process - what are the safety controls and measures?
  4. Emergency plans, training and enforcement - how do we prepare ourselves?
  5. Documentation - how do we know if we are improving safety?
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Fire Risk Assessment Template

This general fire risk assessment template aims to identify and reduce the risk of fire and can be used for any building. It is divided into three sections and firstly covers detailed information about the building and occupants. Secondly, it focuses on identifying hazards and control measures. Lastly, it sums up the assessment by generalizing the observation of the two components: 1) Likelihood of fire and 2) Consequences of fire

With iAuditor, you can take photo evidence of the hazards identified, identify risk factors and take remedial actions by informing the safety officer in-charge. This will save you time and effort to create efficient reports. Preview a sample completed report generated with iAuditor.

Fire Investigation Template

Use this fire investigation report to create a summary investigation of a fire incident. This template can be used by a documentor through a collaboration with the investigative team to identify the root cause of a fire. It can be used to help determine whether the fire was accidental or criminal, describe factors and problems that may contribute to it and document interviews from relevant witnesses. Complete the report by writing recommendations and capture photo evidence using iAuditor.

Monthly Fire Extinguisher Self-Inspection Template

This is a monthly fire extinguisher inspection template that can be used by the building occupants and safety staff to conduct regular self-inspections. Regular equipment checks will help ensure fire extinguishers meet the standards and safety measures needed in case of emergency. View more templates for conducting fire extinguisher inspections.

Fire Incident Report

Use this fire incident template for notification of any fire or fire related incidents. This template can be used by building occupants and staff to report any fire incidents and shared with relevant fire safety officials or regulatory authorities. Example fire incidents that can be captured include building and vehicle fires, premises evacuation, alarm activation, obstructed exit routes, premises evacuation or accidental fire notifications. Browse other incident report templates.

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