Top 7 Fire Department Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

A top-rated mobile-first inspection platform, SafetyCulture offers one of the best fire department software today, supporting firefighters and first responders across the globe and, more importantly, the communities they serve. Integrating this solution into the system helps as it eliminates time-consuming and error-ridden manual paperwork. And thanks to the automation of an array of workflows, fire service professionals can focus more on improving their emergency responses and ensuring the general public’s safety.


  • Ascertain the timely and efficient response to emergencies by delegating well-defined tasks to personnel that will be accurately reported—complete with media documentation—for future review.
  • Speed up the response by precisely tracking the exact location of the incident and personnel with geo-tagging.
  • Enhance collaboration among dispatchers, firefighters, and paramedics by exchanging critical information and instructions via Heads Up.
  • Cut down on manual administrative tasks by customizing inventory and asset inspection checklists or using any of the applicable templates from the Public Library.
  • Equip first responders with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective in the field by providing training.

Why use ESO Fire RMS?

ESO is an all-in-one logistics platform featuring three main applications (checklists, assets, and inventory management) to help companies build seamless workflows. After the recent merger with FIREHOUSE Software, ESO has upgraded its fire records management system to help teams in fire departments and EMS agencies.


  • Assets and logistics management
  • Personnel and activities management
  • Incidents reporting with analytics

Why use BuildOps?

This is a fire RMS (records management software) that helps fire departments properly allocate their resources, including vehicles, equipment, and the entire workforce so that they can respond effectively to emergencies.


  • Asset tracking
  • Mapping capabilities
  • Records management

Why use Fire Station Software?

This simple and intuitive software solution completely eradicates sheaves of paper forms that contain inventory lists, training records, and incident reports. Thanks to Fire Station Software’s records management system, firefighters and EMTs can concentrate on serving their community instead of doing tedious administrative work.


  • Personnel management
  • Inventory tracking
  • Daily incident logs

Why use FireHouse Manager?

Making the transition from paper files to electronic records can be challenging, but made easier with FireHouse Manager. Aside from digitizing documents, this digital solution also automates various tasks, from the initial call regarding the incident to final reporting.


  • Inventory management
  • Inspections and maintenance
  • Training and certification tracking

Why use ICO Fire RMS?

The fire RMS offered by ICO Solutions has one of the most comprehensive features, enabling fire departments and similar agencies to oversee every facet of their operations. All modules are integrated so the whole workforce can focus on the most important aspect of their job.


  • In-vehicle and office 911 dispatch
  • Inventory and equipment management
  • Workforce rostering

Why use FireRescue1 Academy?

This is a fire department checklist software designed specifically for onboarding new hires or volunteers and ensuring they receive continuous training to maintain compliance with various regulations and ISO standards and, ultimately, enable them to perform their duties effectively.


  • Custom course builder
  • Credential management
  • Flexible reporting

What is Fire Department Software?

Fire department software is a digital tool that streamlines the daily operations and routine administrative tasks in fire stations. It helps superintendents improve resource utilization, aids dispatchers in seamlessly communicating with the team and other stakeholders, and lets firefighters promptly respond to emergencies. While the system is intended for fire departments, its features will also be helpful to emergency response teams, public safety agencies, and in-house emergency management specialists.


Fire departments play a crucial role in safeguarding lives and protecting property. Integrating a software solution into the operations improves the ability of professionals to plan and react to fire events and other crises. Here are the top reasons for using this:

  • Improves resource management – Often understaffed and underfunded, fire departments are no strangers to administrative disarray. Unfortunately, that strains their finances and overall efficiency. Automated asset tracking ensures the proper maintenance so these are in optimal condition when needed. Performance tracking also validates the completion of training sessions and drills – must-haves for the flawless execution of assignments.
  • Streamlines communications for enhanced collaboration – Erroneous decision-making and poor performance are direct results of a fragmented flow of information. It also confuses people affected by the incident. With automated command centers and instant communications, it is easier to disseminate critical information like instructions and updates.
  • Enhances incident management – Software solutions can help the employees organize the various workflows, such as tracking training programs and certifications of the employees, creating fire safety plans, and evaluating previous incidents. Ultimately, streamlining these processes leads to increased response times and improved outcomes.

Key Features

Running a fire department efficiently with generic management software can be a challenge and could even jeopardize emergency response. A serviceable fire department management software should have these essentials:

Choosing the Right Fire Department Software

Fire station managers and superintendents should be particular when choosing a digital solution that suits their goals and budget. The ten solutions listed above are, without a doubt, the best and will benefit your business. Look at the summary below before making your decision:

App Name Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
ESO Fire RMS No Contact for pricing No
BuildOps No Contact for pricing Yes
Fire Station Software No $399 + $55/module No
FireHouse Manager No $999 No
ICO Fire RMS No Contact for pricing No
FireRescue1 Academy No Contact for pricing Yes

*billed annually

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