An Easier Way to Spot, Track & Control Fire Safety Issues

iAuditor as a Fire Inspection Software

An Easier Way to Spot, Track & Control Fire Safety Issues

A fire inspection software is a mobile tool that allows fire inspectors to perform various inspections anytime and anywhere. Identify potential fire hazards and evaluate fire safety controls using a mobile device to mitigate fire risks in the workplace. With the iAuditor fire inspection software, you can deploy a fire safety culture from the ground up. Shape up your organization’s thinking, behavior, and work ethic to a whole new level when it comes to fire safety management.

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Make inspections easy

Move away from tedious, tenuous, and time-consuming paper-based inspections. Automate your fire inspections with digital checklists and forms that help inspectors immediately flag problems and automatically alert responsible teams and individuals.

Never miss out on issues that need your attention

Get a pulse on issues that need resolving and create corrective actions on the spot. Assign a team member, set the date and time due, and the priority level—all within the iAuditor app.

Get a broader view on things

Gain visibility of your organization’s overall productivity, compliance, and accuracy in performing inspections. See common failures so that you can take action and prevent future issues from happening.

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Building a Fire Safety Culture with iAuditor

Go beyond following and complying with fire safety regulations and requirements and start building a fire safety culture in your organization. Adopting a fire safety culture not only mitigates fire accidents/incidents but also increases overall performance in various fire safety activities, boosting employee morale and commitment in the process.

Start building a caring culture of fire safety with iAuditor. Equip your team with iAuditor and improve your fire inspections in 5 ways:

  1. Consistency of inspections and data gathering
    Take the guesswork out of inspections and curate your own templates to get a consistent structure of the information you need. Set the appropriate type of responses such as multiple-choice, text answers, checkboxes, and more. You can also provide instructions, references, photo evidence, time and date stamps, and electronic signatures for quicker verification.
  2. Generate comprehensive reports in just a second
    Automatically get professional reports as you finish an inspection. No more manual reports, overflowing filing cabinets or messy audit trails. Reports are instantly saved and secured in your account. Learn more about reports.
  3. Collaboration between employees and management
    Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility. Manage your team and set responsibilities from top to bottom. Add teammates and work together. Share your standardized templates across individuals or groups so they can complete frequent, small checks. You can also assign team members to check on issues or collaboratively bring them to a resolution.
  4. Drive accountability with scheduled inspections
    Ensure that fire inspections are completed and done regularly. iAuditor lets you schedule inspections and assign respective team members. Schedules will automatically appear on the team’s devices and will alert them via push reminders when inspections are due.
  5. Turn data into a competitive advantage
    React to fire safety issues and reports quicker. See the bigger picture with analytics and gain insight into what happens in the field. Pinpoint tendencies and patterns that matter to drive your business to the next level.

These are just the minimum of how iAuditor can help safety officials and building owners improve their fire safety procedures. Change the culture of safety in your organization with a digital solution that everyone can learn and use within seconds. Get started with iAuditor for free today!

iAuditor Fire Inspection Software Features

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