Leizel Estrellas

SafetyCulture Content Specialist
Leizel Estrellas is a content writer and researcher for SafetyCulture. Her academic and professional training as a researcher allows her to write meaningful articles that create a lasting impact. As a content specialist, she strives to promote a culture of safety in the workplace through accessible and reader-friendly content. With her high-quality work, she is keen on helping businesses across industries identify issues and opportunities to improve every day.

Articles by Leizel Estrellas

seguridad alimentaria

Food Security

This article explores the definition, significance, measures, and factors that affect food security and what can be done to counter food insecurity.

5 whys software used by team during 5 whys analysis|5 whys software used by team during 5 whys analysis|EasyRCA 5 Whys Software|Causelink 5 Whys Software|Riskonnect 5 Whys Software

5 Whys Software

Select among the top 5 whys software for your business and determine the root cause of workplace issues for effective problem resolution.
leader and representative using a call monitoring software|call center manager using call monitoring software with call center agent|iAuditor by SafetyCulture Call Monitoring Software|Talkdesk Call Monitoring Software|Aircall Call Monitoring Software|CloudTalk Call Monitoring Software|Zoho Desk Call Monitoring Software|Genesys Cloud CX Call Monitoring Software|Playvox Call Monitoring Software|Dialpad Call Monitoring Software|Kixie PowerCall Call Monitoring Software|Nextiva Call Monitoring Software|phonexa logo

Call Monitoring Software

Download the best call monitoring software for call center managers and quality analysts. Implement call monitoring standards and improve the quality of calls using the right software.
inspectores que realizan una auditoría para iso 14001

ISO 14001

Understand how ISO 14001:2015 works and how it contributes to your business’s overall environmental impact.

employees help injured co-worker|RIDDOR Report Template|Sample RIDDOR Report


Document work-related incidents, injuries, and illnesses in compliance with RIDDOR using a digital template.

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