World’s Best Fire Safety Checklists

Fire safety checklists are excellent tools used to inspect for potential risks and fire hazards that can be mitigated to avoid serious injuries, workplace deaths, and property loss. This collection of digital fire inspection checklists offer a wide range of use: (1) performing site safety inspections (2) fire risk assessments (3) fire protection systems and equipment checks, and (4) creating fire incident/investigative reports.

iAuditor, the world’s #1 inspection app, can help safety officials and building owners streamline their workflows and processes to ensure that fire safety procedures and protocols are complied with and risks are identified and mitigated.

Get started by browsing these free fire safety checklists and customize them according to your fire inspection needs.

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1. General Fire Safety Inspection Checklist

You can use this General Fire Safety Checklist to facilitate routine fire inspections and evaluate if fire safety procedures and protocols are followed and complied with by building owners and occupants. This can help enhance fire safety awareness and identify fire risks. Use iAuditor to capture photo evidences of any equipment defects that may cause fire or explosion. Document all observations and use Analytics to track frequently failed items and assess the facility’s safety and compliance with fire safety provisions.

2. School Fire Safety Checklist

All schools must ensure that fire precautions are complied with to prevent injuries and accidents. School Fire Safety Checklist can be used by administrators and safety officials to check the school's facilities, fire protection systems, and electrical equipment. Capture photos and assign immediate actions to appropriate departments to address faulty electrical devices, inadequate fire protection systems, and non-compliances to safety fire procedures.

3. Fire Risk Assessment

Risk assessment forms can be the best tools used to oversee potential risks and create immediate action plans. This Fire Risk Assessment template can help identify fire hazards and can be used in different settings. This checklist is divided into three sections which cover detailed information about the building and occupants, identification of hazards and control measures, and the general assessment of the two components: 1) Likelihood of fire and 2) Consequences of fire.

4. Fire Safety Advisor Inspection

Fire Safety Advisors are safety and compliance specialists who perform risk assessments and fire investigations. This Fire Safety Advisor Inspection checklist can be used by Fire Safety Advisors when conducting site walkthroughs to evaluate adherence with fire safety procedures.

5. Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklists

Fire extinguishers need to be inspected regularly to ensure that these equipment are maintained and are readily available in case of emergencies. Browse this collection of fire extinguisher inspection templates to conduct internal equipment checks and do the scheduled monthly or annual inspection of fire extinguishers. Use iAuditor to record and capture equipment tags, seals, and equipment damages. Schedule your inspections using iAuditor and not miss another scheduled inspection again.

6. Fire Door Inspection Checklist

Fire doors are fire-resistant equipments that need to be checked regularly to make sure they still offer protection to other parts of the building. This detailed Fire Door Inspection Checklist can be used to assess the overall condition of fire doors. Check the door, frame, bolts, hinges, locks, fire exit hardware, door closers, and other significant parts for defects in need of repair or replacement. Annotate images taken and generate reports on the spot using your mobile device.

7. Smoke Detector Test

One of the critical mechanisms essential to all fire protection systems that need to be checked are smoke detectors. Use this checklist to record all tested smoke detectors, including those which failed tests. iAuditor can help inspectors with keeping track of defective devices for replacement, assigning actions, and scheduling the next tests to be conducted.

8. Fire Pump Inspection Report

Fire pumps are critical to fire protection systems and they need to be inspected to make sure they’re in good working condition. This Fire Pump Inspection Report is divided into 2 sections: the owner’s section and inspector’s section. The owner’s section asks the owner about the fire pump usage information. The inspector’s section is subdivided into 3 parts: tests, results and fire pump maintenance. Validate the inspection by having both the owner’s and the inspector’s signatures. Generate reports on the spot and share them electronically using your mobile, tablet, or iPad.

9. Fire Sprinkler Inspection Report

Fire sprinklers must be maintained and checked to make sure that they will react quickly to smoke, heat, and flames. This Fire Sprinkler Inspection checklist is a complete package that can help inspectors perform daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual inspections. You may customize this template according to your needs and share your template with your team.

10. Fire Investigation Template

Use this Fire Investigation Template to create a summary investigation of a fire incident. Collaborate with the investigative team to identify the root cause of a fire. Determine whether the fire was accidental or criminal and describe some factors and issues that may have contributed to the fire. Document interviews from relevant witnesses and take photos of the area. Complete the report by writing recommendations to improve safety and include signatures of the fire investigator and the documentor.

11. Fire Incident Report Checklist

You can use this Fire Incident Report template to capture information on fire incidents such as building and vehicle fires, premises evacuation, alarm activation, obstructed exit routes, or accidental fire notifications. You can also use the Spotlight app to report fire incidents immediately before more serious problems occur. Notify fire safety officials or regulatory authorities to take action and resolve the incident. Visit this page for more incident report templates.

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