Top 7 Fire Training Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

A top provider of cloud-based digital solutions for companies across sectors, SafetyCulture is the perfect training software for firefighters and first responders, as it emphasizes the importance of fire safety awareness through comprehensive on-the-job education and training. Aside from enabling department captains, fire instructors, and safety managers to create training modules from scratch, this platform also helps them develop fire safety plans and drills and conduct comprehensive risk assessments that can aid first responders to function more effectively in actual emergencies.


  • Allow fire department personnel to conveniently access complete training materials so they are prepared and up-to-date with the latest techniques and safety protocols.
  • Ensure that the entire workforce undergoes the required training by assigning drills or lessons to skilled personnel and calendar these sessions ahead of time to minimize conflicts in schedule and operational disruptions.
  • Ensure everyone is informed about and prepared for the training sessions by sending announcements via Heads Up.
  • Ascertain that equipment and resources needed for training are ready by conducting inventories and asset inspections.
  • Track the trainee’s progress and rate the training program’s effectiveness through robust analytics, then make the necessary improvements based on the data collected.

Why use FireRescue1 Academy?

One of the top-rated fire training software today, FireRescue1 Academy is a one-stop-shop LMS (Learning Management System) for firefighters. With this digital solution, department captains and managers can customize training content, schedule live drills, and track completion for certification. It also enables other team members to review and complete courses on their mobile devices anytime and anywhere.


  • Custom course builder
  • Mobile skills assessment
  • ISO training tracker and credentials manager

Why use Firefighter Academy?

This mobile-based digital tool from Peakview Software offers a complete training guide for fire rescue personnel that helps them pass their certification examinations. Aside from providing a wide array of chapters on fire behavior, forcible entry, ventilation, and water supply, Firefighter Academy also has interactive quizzes that users can take at their convenience.


  • Course library
  • Interactive quiz
  • Fire rescue tool kit

Why use Firefighter VR?

Created with the support of the German Association of Fire Departments, this platform provides virtual reality training for fire rescue responders. Users will only need their computer, VR goggles, and the controller to get transported to various scenarios in different locations, such as dealing with a gas tank fire, suppressing a forest blaze, handling emergency pneumatics, and even jumping onto a cushion.


  • Virtual training drills
  • Analytics
  • Technical service and support

Why use Digital Combustion Fire Studio?

Fire Studio by Digital Combustion is another ultra-realistic simulation platform that helps fire departments train their first responders in preparation for any fire-related emergency, including smoke and fume incidents, explosions, hazardous material contamination, and so many more.


  • Virtual simulation library
  • Simulation builder or customizer
  • Playback capability

Why use Fire Hero Learning Network?

Created by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, this rich repository of highly vetted modules and skills training programs helps fire brigades and similar organizations equip their first responders with the right know-how so they can competently serve their communities in fire emergencies.


  • Training program library
  • Fire attack scenario
  • Operational checklists

Why use Fire Training Toolbox?

Fire Training Toolbox is an online resource library for firefighters, providing them with an assortment of lessons and modules, including firefighting drills, emergency scene size up, one-man ladder drag, and many more.


  • Content repository
  • Drill listing
  • Forcible entry tools

What is Fire Training Software?

Fire training software is a specialized digital tool designed to facilitate training for firefighters, emergency responders, and industrial safety personnel to ensure their preparedness in fire-related scenarios. Aside from offering a library of bite-sized lessons, the software also includes interactive training modules. It also enables users to evaluate trainee performance and document the entire process for compliance.


Firefighters risk their lives every single day in the service of others. According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), over 60,000 of these first responders have suffered injuries in the line of duty in 2021. With the targeted and adequate training provided by the software, these determined and tireless rescuers can efficiently accomplish their jobs and get home to their families safely. Here are some specifics:

  • Enhances emergency preparedness – A good training program should cover basic firefighting know-how, modern fire attack concepts, health and safety, medical training (e.g., BLS and CPR), and communication skills, to name a few. Using a software solution ensures that all these subject matters are incorporated into the syllabus, boosting the knowledge and skills of firefighters and minimizing risks inherent in the job.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance – On top of the certifications and licenses firefighters should have before going on duty, fire departments should ascertain the functionality and dependability of their equipment. Software features like document management ensure that the department adheres to standards and regulations, while automated asset inventory checks substantiate that they are well-equipped for emergencies.
  • Saves the department on costs – One of the most critical issues facing fire services today is the lack of funding. Because training requires a great deal of resources, this tends to take a back seat in terms of operational priorities. Because the software offers virtual simulations, fire department captains and managers can limit pricey live fire exercises and drills and reallocate the funds to more urgent needs.

Key Features

There aren’t a lot of digital solutions designed specifically for fire training, but some management platforms may have features that could be useful for this endeavor. Whichever you choose, make sure it has the following essentials:

  • Course creators
  • Scenario simulators
  • Course library
  • Interactive training
  • Resource management
  • Calendar with automated alerts
  • Compliance tracker and reporting
  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Performance metrics
  • Mobile accessibility

Selecting the Right Fire Training Software

Training for competency in this particular field is a must. And while this is a challenge, department captains and managers can efficiently facilitate any session with the right digital solution. Take another look at all your options before making your final decision:

Fire Training Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
FireRescue1 Academy No $59/year Yes
Firefighter Academy No $3.99 Yes
Firefighter VR No €199 (≅ $208) /month No
Digital Combustion Fire Studio No $1,125 (one-time payment) No
Fire Hero Learning Network No Free No
Fire Training Toolbox No Free No

* billed annually

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