Better fire extinguisher inspections

iAuditor is the world’s most powerful inspection app. Perform more efficient and regular fire extinguisher inspections by using iAuditor to record equipment tags, seals, damage and remedial actions. Get started for free with the sample templates below and customize it for your workplace or business requirements.

How to perform a fire extinguisher inspection?

Inspections are typically conducted by workplaces monthly and by service professionals annually. Some key steps to remember when inspecting a fire extinguisher:

  1. Has a valid maintenance tag and is charged and ready for use
  2. Not blocked with nameplate visible
  3. Tamper seal holding pin tightly
  4. Has agent or not empty
  5. Free from damages
  6. Annual maintenance tag is signed and dated
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Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection Template

This template is used to conduct a fire extinguisher inspection every 30 days to determine if the equipment meets the standards and safety measures for any emergency purposes. Start by checking for fire extinguisher type (ABC, BC, A, D or K), inspection tags, seals, labels and extinguisher validity. Then follow the key steps to accurately inspect the extinguisher to identify and annotate defects. Finally confirm the tag is signed and dated and capture a photo of the tag as a record.

With the use of iAuditor, you can take photo evidence of defects and tags, share your audits to avoid data loss and schedule monthly inspections.

Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection Template

This annual fire extinguisher template can used to determine if equipment has undergone proper maintenance. It can be used by approved extinguisher servicing professionals to identify defects and whether remedial action is required. It records the date the inspection was performed by an authorised person and documents the last inspections conducted and conditions needed to be checked e.g. mechanical parts, agent and the expelling means.

iAuditor can help you track progress of equipment meeting the right maintenance standards by using our Online Analytics tool.

Internal Maintenance Fire Extinguisher Inspection Template

This template is used to document two important processes after fire extinguisher maintenance: 1) Recharging and 2) Hydrostatic Testing. The interval of these procedures vary depending on what type of extinguisher is inspected. (e.g. CO2 Fire Extinguishers are recharged every 5 years, while Water Extinguishers are recharged annually) This is conducted by a safety official from an authorized extinguisher company.

By exploring iAuditor, you will learn to customize your needs by modifying the items in your template and complete a report onsite. This will save you time and effort to create efficient reports.

Follow these 5 steps to start performing mobile inspections

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  2. Download a template above and modify it for your workplace or browse our template library for more
  3. Install the iAuditor app on your mobile or tablet and perform an inspection
  4. Take photos, create actions and generate reports on your device
  5. Invite your teammates. Save time, save lives
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