Heads Up

Workplace communications
made easy

Communicate with your team, wherever they are, and know they received the message.

Close the communication gap in your workplace

Don’t waste time with poor communication practices and lost messages. Communication is key to keeping everything moving and addressing Issues when they come up. With 1 in 3 frontline workers saying they feel HQ communications are often irrelevant or unengaging, it’s time to change the way we deliver our messages.

SafetyCulture | Heads Up!

Create engaging messages in seconds

Show don’t tell! Start sending rich media messages with video, images or PDFs that are easy to consume, even if the topic is complex.

Click here for tips in sending your first one.


Reach your teams, no matter where they are

Broadcast your message instantly in a newsfeed format to align teams quickly and remotely.

Break through the noise

Get critical communications in front of your teams immediately no matter what’s happening in their environment.


Keep it interactive

Enable comments on your Heads Up to maintain strong two-way communication with your team and answer any questions they may have instantly.

Never worry about a missed communication again

Keep a digital record of views, acknowledgements, and reminders, all from within SafetyCulture (iAuditor).

See what customers are using Heads Up for

Jonathan Howell,
Assistant Safety Director

“Nobody looks at their email anymore, or checks it regularly… [Heads Up] has really transformed the way that we communicate with all of our employees.“

Tiffany Argent,
QSHE Cluster Lead Manager

“…it’s nice to see that a tool, as simple as this, has made a difference on the frontline.”

Matt Irvin,
Safety Director

“Heads Up is such a good way to get messages out to the masses and helps us tighten up our safety processes.”