Practical Risk Assessment Examples

Discover practical risk assessment examples in various settings and across industries to guide you in conducting risk assessments in your organization.

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What are Risk Assessment Examples?

Risk assessment examples, varying widely across industries and contexts, illustrate the diverse applications of risk assessment in identifying, analyzing, and addressing potential risks to individuals, organizations, and the broader community. Understanding how to implement risk assessments through practical examples is crucial for businesses to protect their employees, assets, and reputation, building a culture of workplace safety and compliance.

What are 5 Examples of Conducting Risk Assessments?

Risk assessments are essential to identify hazards and risks that may potentially cause harm to workers. There are various risk assessments used across different industries tailored to specific needs and control measures. Here are common examples of risk assessment:

  1. Health and Safety Risk Assessment – A type of risk assessment used by safety managers to determine health and safety risks associated with the job, work environment, and current processes, in which hazards can be identified as biological, chemical, energy, environmental, and the like.
  2. Workplace Risk Assessment – Performed by office managers and school administrators, this tool helps ensure that a workplace is free from health and safety threats. This assessment also helps boost employee morale and productivity.
  3. Fall Risk Assessment – Performed by the nursing staff of aged care units or centers to evaluate the possibility of falling and ensure that the facilities, equipment, and other factors are safe for elderly patients.
  4. Construction Risk Assessment – A vital assessment used in the construction site to help safety teams implement corrective measures and stakeholders comply with safety regulations.
  5. Manufacturing Risk Assessment – This type of risk assessment is conducted to evaluate the risk for manufacturing facilities, aiming to lay down mitigation strategies and prioritize urgent issues.

Here are reports of risk assessment examples performed using pre-existing risk assessment templates:

Health and Safety Risk Assessment Example

Health and Safety Risk Assessment Example

Workplace Risk Assessment Example

Workplace Risk Assessment Example

Fall Risk Assessment Example

Fall Risk Assessment Example

Construction Risk Assessment Example

Construction Risk Assessment

Manufacturing Risk Assessment Example

Manufacturing Risk Assessment Example

Risk assessments can be seen as a regulatory paperwork burden, but understanding the reason and purpose of a risk assessment will help your team identify, prioritize, and control hazards in your workplace. Aside from these risk assessment templates, businesses can further strengthen their risk analysis with risk matrix templates.

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Sample Risk Assessment Templates and Forms

There are multiple ways to record risk assessment reports. Manual risk assessments, such as paper-based forms, are common but can take too much time. This option is prone to erroneous data input and loss of reports.

Digital templates and forms are examples of efficient recordkeeping. There are applications that can sync and save all risk assessment reports automatically, eliminating the need to print and the fear of data loss.

To start, here are easy-to-use and customizable risk assessment templates and forms organizations can utilize to cater to their different needs:

  • Office Risk Assessment Template – This is an all-in-one workplace risk assessment example report. This covers every requirement set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and more. The benefit of using this template is that it ensures all details are answered and recordkeeping is less of a hassle.
  • HSE Risk Assessment – This is a similar risk assessment example report from the previous one but contains a few sections for the risk matrix that rate consequences and the likelihood of injuries due to hazards.
  • COSHH Risk Assessment Form – This is a specific risk assessment example report for COSHH. Utilize this template if hazardous substances are present in the workplace and facility. Using a digital template such as this keeps the work area neat and free from contamination.
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