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What is a School Risk Assessment?

A school risk assessment is a systematic inspection that identifies and controls hazards within school premises. Beyond complying with legislative requirements, school risk assessments are conducted by school management teams to ensure a healthy and safe environment for students, teachers, administrators, and other staff.

This article tackles 1) 5 elements of a good school risk assessment template; 2) technology that can help streamline your reporting processes; 3) school risk assessment templates you can download and use for free.

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5 Elements of a Good School Risk Assessment

School risk assessments are conducted regularly to identify the likelihood of injury to a person after being exposed to a hazard and examines whether existing control measures are sufficient.

A basic school risk assessment generally asks the following key questions:

  1. What are the hazards identified?
  2. Who might be harmed?
  3. How they might be harmed?
  4. What are the existing precautions? - Is it enough to control the hazard?
  5. What further actions are needed to eliminate the hazard?

These questions make it easier for the school management team to evaluate the hazard associated with school activities and identify needed control measures. Click here to preview an example of a good school risk assessment report.

Choosing the Right Technology

Carrying out paper-based school risk assessments can be time-consuming and inefficient instead of helping implement sensible school safety measures. It is burdensome for management team to check all records and collect data to review and update when an accident occurs.

Using a mobile software platform like iAuditor can streamline your processes when conducting school risk assessments. All completed assessment reports are automatically saved online with unlimited cloud storage and access. Easily login to your online dashboard to review collected data and monitor the effectiveness of controls being implemented.

To help you get started, we have built 3 digital School Risk Assessment Templates you can download and customizable for free. No programming skills needed.

3 Featured School Risk Assessment Templates

1. School Risk Assessment Template

A school risk assessment template is used to identify hazards in the school environment and their associated risks. It is used by the school management team to assess existing control measures if further actions are needed to eliminate the hazard. Use the following points below to utilize this form:

  1. Identify any hazards present within school premises
  2. List down affected people (e.g. students, teachers, administrators, and other staff )
  3. Evaluate how these people might be harmed
  4. Determine the existing procedures and evaluate if it follows safe working practices
  5. Assess whether the existing controls are enough or recommend further action needs
  6. Assign action needs to appropriate personnel
  7. Sign off with a digital signature and timestamp to validate the assessment

2. Laboratory School Risk Assessment Template

Laboratory School Risk Assessment Template is used to identify potential hazards when conducting laboratory experiments. It is used by teachers and laboratory technician to evaluate the risk level and provide control measures to mitigate the risk. Use the following points below to utilize this form:

  1. Do a walkthrough and identify any hazards present
  2. List down equipment and chemicals used
  3. Identify potential hazards and standard handling procedures
  4. Record the risk rating and control measures
  5. Provide recommendations
  6. Capture digital signature with timestamp

3. Classroom Risk Assessment Template

Classroom Risk Assessment Template is used to ensure classrooms meet minimum health and safety requirements. It is used by the management team to raise awareness of areas of improvement and control measures needed in the classroom. Follow the points below to utilize this form:

  1. Evaluate the classroom facilities and look for defects and damages
  2. Capture photo evidence and describe the damages
  3. Provide overall assessment, modifications, and estimated damage cost
  4. Sign-off with a digital signature to validate the inspection

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