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What is an Accident Investigation Report?

An accident investigation report is used to help to determine the root cause of an accident and prevent reoccurrence. Workplace supervisors and safety officers perform these reports to improve workplace safety, determine the damage cost and support insurance claim investigations.

This article covers 1) tips on how to write a good accident investigation report; 2) technology that can help streamline your workflows; and 3) accident investigation report templates you can download and use.

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Tips on How to Write a Good Accident Investigation Report?

A good accident investigation report should focus on factual details of the accident. The objective of the report is to inform the readers with accurate information about the accident. Below are tips you can follow in writing a good accident investigation report:

1. Avoid writing opinions - clearly detail the incident with facts and evidence.

Here is a good example:

✖ The driver of the red car appeared drunk.

✔ The officer conducted a breath analysis and confirmed that the driver of the red Toyota Vios was above the alcohol limit.

2. Attach photo evidence - to serve as visual proof of the accident

3. Provide important information - answer the following W-questions:

  • When did the accident occur?
  • Who were the involved parties?
  • Where was the location of the accident?
  • What are the details of the accident?
  • Why did the accident happen?
  • What are the consequences of the accident?

4. Validate the report - supervisors and witnesses must sign off the accident report.

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iAuditor the perfect Digital Solution

Paper-based accident investigation reports are time-consuming to complete and difficult to combine photo evidence. The risk of losing paperwork can affect the safety of your employees and their compensation claims.

iAuditor, the world’s most powerful mobile app, can replace paper-based accident investigation reports. Access the iAuditor app on your mobile device, capture unlimited photo evidence and generate real-time accident investigation reports at the scene of the incident.

To get you started, we have built 3 Accident Investigation Report Templates you can download for free.

3 Featured Accident Investigation Report Templates

1. Accident Investigation Report Template

Accident investigation report template is used to determine the root cause of the accident to prevent future accidents. This template can be used by workplace supervisors to record accurate information. Follow the points below to utilize this template:

  1. Gather the general information of the injured employee
  2. Identify the details of the accident
  3. Describe the consequences of the accident
  4. Record witness/es statements if applicable
  5. Recommend actions to avoid accident reoccurrence

2. Incident Investigation Checklist

Use this incident investigation checklist to help conduct a root cause analysis following an incident or near miss at your workplace. This checklist can be used by supervisors to gather facts of the incident.

3. Vehicle Accident Damage Report

A vehicle accident damage report is used to document details of the accident, extent of the damage and parties involved. Drivers and fleet managers can use this template and perform the following key steps to complete the form:

  1. Provide general details of the driver (full name, driver license number, VIN etc)
  2. Describe the damage details
  3. Capture unlimited photos as evidence for your case
  4. Include witness statements if applicable
  5. Validate report by by providing digital signatures

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