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Published November 4th, 2020

What is an Accident Investigation Report Template?

An accident investigation report template is a tool used by safety officers and investigators to collect information during an accident investigation. In a workplace setting, supervisors or managers perform accident investigations to help determine the cost of damage, support insurance claim investigations, and improve workplace safety by helping prevent accident reoccurrence.

In this article we will feature the following:

Tips on How to Write a Good Accident Investigation Report?

A good accident investigation report should focus on factual details about the accident. The objective of the report is to inform the readers with accurate information about the accident. Below are tips you can follow in writing a good accident investigation report:

  1. Avoid writing opinions – clearly detail the incident with facts and evidence.
    Here is a good example:
    ✖ The driver of the red car appeared drunk.
    ✔ The officer conducted a breath analysis and confirmed that the driver of the red Toyota Camry was above the alcohol limit.
  2. Attach photo evidence – to serve as visual proof of the accident
  3. Provide important information – answer the following W-questions:
    When did the accident occur?
    Who were the involved parties?
    Where was the location of the accident?
    What are the details of the accident?
    Why did the accident happen?
    What are the consequences of the accident?
  4. Validate the report – supervisors and witnesses must sign off the accident report.

Here’s an accident investigation report sample in PDF. This sample followed the tips on how to write a good accident investigation report and it included photos for additional context on the events surrounding an accident.

iAuditor the perfect Digital Solution

Paper-based accident investigation reports are time-consuming to complete and take more effort to incorporate photo evidence. Also, in the event that an accident investigation report goes missing, actions that intend to address the safety concerns of employees can get delayed and time-sensitive compensation claims are put at risk.

iAuditor by SafetyCulture is a powerful mobile app that can replace paper-based accident investigation forms. Use iAuditor on your mobile device to capture unlimited photo evidence, record accident details, and immediately generate urgent accident investigation reports even while at the scene of the incident.

To get you started with your accident investigation, we have built these accident investigation report templates you can browse and download for free.


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