Patricia Guevara

SafetyCulture Content Specialist
Patricia Guevara is a content writer and researcher for SafetyCulture. With her extensive content writing and copywriting experience, she creates high-quality content across a variety of relevant topics. She aims to promote workplace safety, operational excellence, and continuous improvement in her articles. She is passionate about communicating how technology can be used to streamline work processes, empowering companies to realize their business goals.

Articles by Patricia Guevara

Matriz de riesgo 5x5 presentada

5×5 Risk Matrix

This guide walks you through the basics of a 5×5 risk matrix: its definition, importance, components, and usage. Learn how this tool can help simplify your risk assessments.

Certificación ISO 13485 destacada

ISO 13485 Certification

Learn about the ISO 13485 certification, its importance, benefits, process, and some FAQs. Also, see how a digital tool can help you prepare for certification.

ISO 13485 destacado

ISO 13485

This guide will walk you through the following: what the international standard ISO 13485 covers, its importance, how it differs from ISO 9001, and the specific requirements.

Lone Worker Policy

This guide explains what a lone worker policy is, why you need one, how to create a lone worker policy, and the most critical elements to incorporate.

an environmental manager onsite collecting information about their organization's environmental impact using an environmental aspects and impacts register on tablet

Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register

Document how your business operations and processes affect the environment and tailor your overall environmental management approach with the help of environmental aspects and impact register templates.

an IAQ inspector checking HVAC filters during an IAQ assessment as a task listed on an indoor air quality assessment checklist|Indoor Air Quality Assessment Checklist Sample Report|Indoor Air Quality Assessment Checklist

Indoor Air Quality Assessment Checklist

Efficiently evaluate air quality in various indoor spaces to ensure occupant safety using downloadable indoor air quality assessment checklists.