Health and Safety Risk Assessment Forms

Health and Safety Risk Assessment forms are valuable tools used primarily to control risks in the workplace and to improve overall HSE management. These Health and Safety Risk Assessment templates can help you (1) identify health and safety hazards associated with job tasks, (2) determine the people at risk, (3) record and analyze significant data, and (4) set preventive measures to further reduce or eliminate risks.

We have collected 6 of the best digital templates that you can use for your health and safety risk assessments to help maintain and improve health and safety in your workplace. These templates can be downloaded for free into the iAuditor mobile app and enable you to perform paperless inspections on your hand-held device. Incorporate these HSE risk assessment tools with your company strategies and catch risks before things go wrong.

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1. General Health and Safety Risk Assessment

This General Health and Safety Risk Assessment template can be used by managers and safety officials when managing health and safety hazards at work. Spot potential and existing hazards such as biological, chemical, energy, environmental, and the like. Evaluate each hazard’s risk level and provide preventive control measures. Monitor and review planned control measures and advise if further measures are required. Lastly, provide overall recommendations to avoid and manage risk hazards. Use iAuditor to capture photos of frequently ignored and undetected hazards and assign actions to notify your managers of immediate risks.

2. HSE Management Template

This is a comprehensive HSE Management template which can be used by authorized personnel to evaluate how organizations and businesses manage health and safety in their work space or environment. It is divided into 2 sections - HSE Management and HSE Performance Monitoring - and each entails evaluation of HSE management protocols. Complete the audit by providing an overall rating of the HSE management and list all people involved in the evaluation. You can use the iAuditor app on your mobile anytime even while you’re offline.

3. Health and Safety Audit Checklists

Browse this collection of free health and safety audit checklists which can be used while conducting site walkthroughs, H&S staff induction, and OSHA regulatory inspection. Use iAuditor to eliminate paperwork, improve data gathering processes, and save all H&S reports in iAuditor’s secure cloud storage.

4. H&S Environment Risk Assessment Checklist

Environmental hazards such as odour, noise, vibrations, emissions, and structural ground have potential to negatively impact or affect people’s health and safety. Specific examples are asbestos, lead, pesticides, harmful gases, and trenching. You can use this checklist to assess if your workplace or area contain these harmful materials. Capture photo evidence of risks and submit reports to your managers in real time.

5. HSE Risk Assessment Form (Manual Handling)

Execution of incorrect manual handling and lifting practices can cause serious multiple musculoskeletal disorders and other serious accidents like cuts or factures. Supervisors and safety managers can use this HSE Risk Assessment Form to evaluate how their workers perform tasks which require a lot of bodily strength. This checklist can be a useful tool to highlight problems and issues when lifting loads and materials.

6. COSHH HSE Risk Assessment Form

Exposure to hazardous chemicals and substances should be controlled to avoid the workers’ acquisition of diseases and other health problems. This Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) form can be used to identify the hazards associated with the activity or work processes involved with hazardous substances. List control measures and personal protective equipment to be used when handling these substances. Use iAuditor to conduct better risk assessments to reduce or eliminate health hazards.

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