HSE Stress Risk Assessment Templates

Identify work-related stress and anxiety

Perform paperless stress risk assessments

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A stress risk assessment is a systematic process of identifying and evaluating factors that cause work-related stress for employees. Employers in the UK have a legal duty to carry out stress risk assessments to protect employees from stress at work before it elevates into a more substantial issue.

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reports that work-related stress, depression or anxiety accounts for 44% of all work-related ill health across Great Britain. Occupations most affected remain in the health and public sectors. The primary contributing factors include workload, lack of managerial support and organisational change.

In addition to protecting worker health, managing work-related stress can also increase overall business productivity. The HSE estimates that stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 15.4 million work days lost annually across Great Britain in 2017-18.

A stress risk assessment template is a tool used by employers as a guide in performing stress risk assessments. Use a workplace stress risk assessment questionnaire which consists of questions such as:

  1. How much work is there?
  2. Are staff comfortable with the amount of work?
  3. Is the intensity of the workload too great for individuals?
  4. Are there set time scales for workload- are these too much/ too little time to achieve?
  5. Is there consistency and clarity in the job role- do the team members have to provide work to different groups of staff?

Carrying out paper-based stress risk assessments can be time-consuming and inefficient. Using a mobile inspection platform like iAuditor can help your teams conduct more efficient stress risk assessments and easily monitor the effectiveness of controls being implemented.

iAuditor is the world’s #1 cloud-based inspection software and is used by businesses worldwide to perform paperless risk assessments and inspections. Stress risk assessments can be performed on your hand-held device with PDF reports generated instantly and all data securely saved online.

Get started by downloading from these pre-built stress risk assessment templates converted into iAuditor. These templates have been built as a starting guide from resources from the HSE and other sources.

4 of the Best Stress Risk Assessment Templates

1. Workplace Stress Risk Assessment Template

Workplace Stress Risk Assessment template

Use this workplace stress risk assessment to determine whether the cause of stress is because of work demands, management and control, support, relationships, role and change. This record can be used as basis for leaders to reflect what actions plans they need to take to lessen work stress.

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3. HSE Stress Risk Assessment Template

This HSE stress risk assessment template is used to identify work-related stress, anxiety and depression across your workplace employees. Use iAuditor to record stress-causing factors, improve employee morale, boost job productivity and create a safer and stress-free environment. Please see reference.

2. HSE Return to Work Questionnaire

This HSE Return to Work questionnaire is used to determine work-related stress or outside of work factors which may have caused an employee to underperform and lose motivation to work. This template is divided into 7 categories to identify the main causes of stress among the employees.

4. Individual Stress Risk Assessment Form

Managers and supervisors can use this template to create a stress profile for each employee. Knowing what stresses employees can help leaders build great relationships with their teams and address issues immediately.