Health and Safety Checklist Templates

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A health and safety checklist is a tool used to ensure that Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) practices are implemented and followed across the business. Performing workplace health and safety checks helps prevent work-related incidents, injuries, and illnesses. Failure to comply with WHS policies can result in fines or, worse, endanger people's lives.

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Paper-based methods can be time consuming and hard to keep track. Eliminate paperwork and automate workflows for easier data collection and documentation.

iAuditor is the world’s #1 inspection app that lets you proactively manage safety and quality in your business with the use of your mobile device or tablet. Use iAuditor for health and safety checks and be able to:

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  • Automate communication - Receive immediate notifications when critical risks are identified or when audit scores start to drop.
  • Deliver immediate actions - Create corrective actions for issues in need of immediate resolution. Assign actions to members of the organization and set the time, date, and priority level. Learn more here.
  • Gain safety & quality insights - Get real-time insights from comprehensive reports that are automatically generated every time you complete an audit. Preview sample report here.
  • Share reports immediately - Automatically send your reports to multiple recipients. Reports are shareable in multiple formats and delivery options.
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Top 8 Health and Safety Templates

1. Workplace Health and Safety Audit Checklist

A workplace health and safety audit checklist is a tool used in performing internal and external audits of an office or any working environment. Use this digital checklist to assess if workplace health and safety (WHS) practices are followed. Maximize this template by using the points below as a guide:

  1. Perform a site inspection and assess areas of the workplace including emergency procedures, first aid, and PPE’s in place
  2. Take or attach photo of issues identified
  3. Add notes or comments to inspections
  4. Assign corrective measures for non-compliant items.
  5. Sign off with digital signatures

2. Monthly Health and Safety Inspection Checklist

Use this Health and Safety Inspection Checklist to perform monthly inspections of a restaurant or food venue. Prevent serious incidents by checking the existence and condition of fire exits, signs, fire extinguishers, and other emergency procedures in place. Evaluate ergonomic practices shown by employees to avoid sprains and other injuries. Prevent cuts and lacerations by ensuring that sharp objects are used correctly and stored properly. Conduct this safety inspection to prevent safety risks including chemical poisoning, burns, and other related work-related hazards.

3. General Workplace Health and Safety Checklist

Use this general workplace health and safety checklist to have a quick run through with the overall condition of the workplace. It is an easy read-confirm checklist which includes inspection of communication processes, risk management, manual tasks, hazardous substances handling, infection control systems, rehabilitation and stress hazards. Use iAuditor to conduct quick checks of your workplace.

4. HSE Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments are essential to determine the severity and frequency of health and safety risks and determine the best control measures to mitigate or eliminate those risks. Use this HSE Risk Assessment to prioritize which H&S risk needs full attention to avoid workplace accidents or fatalities.

5. OSHA Health and Safety Policy Template

This health and safety policy template is based on OSHA regulatory standards and converted using iAuditor. This checklist is composed of 7 sections covering (1) management leadership, (2) worker participation, (3) Hazard identification, (4) Hazard prevention, (5) Education and training, (6) Program evaluation, and (7) Communication and coordination. Use iAuditor to comply with the OSHA standards on health and safety and use the app on your mobile device to capture evidence of non-compliance.

6. EHS Audity

Use this Environment Health and Safety Audit to conduct a visual inspection of the workplace. Check the general safety of the site. Identify electrical and fire hazards and capture photo/s as evidence. Evaluate if proper laboratory controls are applied to prevent contamination and overexposure to chemicals. Lastly, if applicable, check condition of vehicles used for operation to prevent vehicular accidents.

7. Health and Safety Induction Checklist

This Health and Safety Induction Checklist can be used as part of an HR program when onboarding new employees. HR representative should start by informing employees about the health and safety policies. Discuss fire safety measures. Highlight the importance of housekeeping in the workplace. Inform workers about the proper accident reporting procedures. Educate employees on proper hygiene to avoid the spread of diseases. Introduce the safety advisers to the new employees and the discuss H&S requirements. Complete the Health and Safety Induction Checklist by getting all participants sign using iAuditor’s signature feature.

8. Hazard identification

Visit this Hazard Identification page to learn more about ways of identifying potential health and safety hazards in your workplace. Check out the best hazard identification checklists to evaluate the overall health and safety of your workplace, and set preventive controls to reduce or eliminate risks. iAuditor is an efficient tool to record significant data about safety. Generate real time reports and notify your supervisor when hazards are detected.