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Noise Risk Assessment Template

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What is a Noise Risk Assessment?

A noise risk assessment is performed to ensure the health and safety workers exposed to noise risks. An estimated 17,000 people annually in the UK suffer from hearing conditions due to excessive noise at work. Performing noise risk assessments help identify sources of noise risks and how they affect employees. Key findings from the assessment are then evaluated and used to develop preventive measures or corrective actions to protect workers from long-term adverse effects associated with noise exposure.

4-Step Guide to Effectively Perform a Noise Risk Assessment

  1. Identify – Do a site check and observe where there may be risk of noise exposure. Determine a reliable estimate of employee exposures, actions to perform in order to comply with the law (i.e., noise-control measures/protection), and employees who need health surveillance.
  2. Evaluate – Evaluate and provide an overall risk rating for each risk identified during a site check. Assess if current preventive and control measures are being followed or complied with.
  3. Implement control measures – After recording findings, create an action plan for items or areas identified as non-compliant or needing corrective actions to comply with the law. Set an action, assign responsible person to do the work, and set a due date.
  4. Monitor – Conduct a regular review to monitor if set controls for noise risks are consistently implemented. Monitor workplace and conduct regular noise risk assessments to easily identify early signs of adverse effects that may be caused by noise exposure.

iAuditor as a Noise Risk Assessment Tool

Use iAuditor – the world’s #1 inspection app to complete your noise risk assessments while on-site and deliver your report and key findings immediately. iAuditor can be used offline anytime and can generate comprehensive PDF reports. We feature 3 pre-built noise risk assessment templates you can download and start using for your next on-site assessment.


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