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Noise risk assessment templates are tools used to evaluate noise risks that may impact worker health. An estimated 17,000 people annually in the UK suffer from hearing conditions due to excessive noise at work. Noise risk assessment templates are used to identify and measure sources of noise hazards in the workplace, assess control measures being used, and assign overall risk ratings. Key findings from reports are then used to prioritize preventive measures to protect workers from negative long term health impacts associated with noise exposure.

Use iAuditor - the world’s #1 inspection app to complete your noise risk assessments while on-site and deliver your report and key findings immediately. iAuditor can be used offline anytime and can generate comprehensive PDF reports. We feature 3 pre-built noise risk assessment templates you can download and start using for your next on-site assessment.

Featured Digital Noise Risk Assessment Mobile Templates

Basic Noise Risk Assessment Template

This basic noise risk assessment template is a simple yet effective guide for employers and managers when evaluating noise hazards during site checks. Start by recording the job description and the people at risk. Next, conduct a quick risk assessment derived from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). You may attach photo evidence and notes. Proceed with creating a noise profile by recording Leq (dB(A)) and dB(C) peak value. Next assess whether the preventive and control measures are followed and complied with. Provide an overall risk rating and ask your manager to add some recommendations.

Comprehensive Noise Risk Assessment Template

This comprehensive noise risk assessment template consists of 3 main parts: (A) Survey parameters, (B) Noise Survey and Exposure, and (C) Control Measures. The first section prompts the inspector to record the reason and date and time of survey, people involved and equipment used for the inspection. The next section creates a list of the noise-producing machines and equipment, their noise levels and the duration of noise exposure to workers. The last section, which is the most important part, contains essential questions to assess if control measures are followed and observed in the working environment. Complete the audit by providing recommendations and affixing a signature to validate.

Noise Risk Assessment Template for Entertainment Venue

This entertainment venue noise risk assessment template can be used by safety managers or authorized personnel before conducting events. Workers from the entertainment industry (bar,waiting and kitchen staff, performers, DJs, technical and security staff) are exposed to high noise levels due to the nature of their work. Make it a habit to perform these assessments regularly to improve health and safety or workers.

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