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Hand and Power Tool Safety Checklists

Hand and power tools make work easier and more efficient. However, there are a number of hazards involved in using these tools that can cause significant injuries. A few include amputations, lacerations, puncture wounds, eye injuries, electrocutions and many other physical impairments. In the US, nail guns alone account for an estimated 25,000 emergency room injuries among workers (OSHA source).

Regular inspections ensure that all tools and equipment are in good working condition. Workers must undergo training to gain adequate knowledge on handling these tools so they are used solely for their specific functions. Protective equipment can also serve as an additional defence against tool hazards.

iAuditor is a world-class mobile app that lets you conduct inspections efficiently and effectively. Capture defects of hand and power tools on your phone and share audits to your managers or safety officials in real-time. We have a collection of Hand and Power Tools Inspection checklists that are customizable to suit your workplace needs. Download them and get started.

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Hand and Power Tools Pre-use Inspection Checklist

Tools and equipment must undergo thorough inspection to minimize or eliminate potential hazards. It is recommended that this audit is conducted daily or monthly but more often for tools that are heavily used. Start by providing a description of work and list down the tools for the operation. Do a site walkthrough to check if area is safe and free from hazards. Evaluate if the workers are competent, wearing appropriate PPE and are not under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Inspect if the hand and power tools pass quality standards and are free from damage like cracked blades, fraying cords, worn out handles and loose parts. Complete the audit by taking photos of tools that need repair or replacement and include other recommendations and reminders.

OSHA Hand and Power Tools Inspection

This hand and tool inspection checklist conforms with OSHA standards on tool safety. The objective is to evaluate if hand and power tools meet safety requirements before use. It also checks if workers have sufficient protection and if the area is secured. Use iAuditor to capture tool defects, generate real time reports on-site and notify your supervisors before problems occur.

Accident Injury Checklist

Accidents indicate that there are uncontrolled hazards in the workplace. Reporting and documenting these incidents help modify the existing safety regulations. Use this template to collect information on the injured person, the injury details and the root cause of the accident. Emergency services and witness statements are also recorded for more detailed reporting.

PPE Checklist

“Tinnitus” or the constant ringing of the ears and “Vibration White Hand Disease” are two of the most common health problems experienced by workers. These can be attributed to not wearing ear muffs and safety gloves when using tools which produce excessive noise and vibration. Use this template to evaluate if required protective gears pass quality standards.

General Hand and Power Tool Safety Tips

hand and power tool safety tips

Tools are a part of our daily lives and are sometimes used without safety precautions. Here are some reminders when utilizing your hand and power tools:

  • Keep your tools in good condition
  • Use the correct tools for the job
  • Know how to properly operate tools
  • Wear proper protective equipment
  • Do not utilize tools when distracted or not in focus
  • Do not use tools when you are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

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