6+ Digital Forklift Checklists

Forklift inspection checklists can be used by inspectors or forklift operators to check if forklifts are in good working condition before the shift starts. Forklift daily checklists can be used in warehouses, factories, shipping yards, and other workplaces to help reduce the risk of workplace deaths and injuries caused by forklifts and industrial trucks.

Forklift maintenance checklists on iAuditor are more effective versions of forklift inspection sheets because they're easily accessible on mobile, tablet, or iPad and inspectors can take pictures for reports. iAuditor reports can easily be generated on the spot and urgent actions can be assigned immediately with the touch of a button.

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1. Forklift Operator Daily Checklist

This Forklift Operator Daily Checklist can be used prior to daily forklift usage. This forklift inspection checklist is divided into 2 parts: before starting the engine and after starting the engine to check if all controls are functioning correctly. If any parts are found to be damaged or malfunctioning, the equipment should be tagged out and reported to the manager. Use iAuditor on mobile devices to take photos of malfunctioning parts and use iAuditor’s scheduling feature to assign and complete regular inspections.

2. Forklift Prestart Checklist

Conducting prestart vehicle inspections help ensure safety and mitigate risks of accidents when operating a forklift. This Forklift Pre Start Checklist contains 11 essential questions which can help spot forklift defects and damages. Regularly perform this safety inspection in 10 minutes and help keep improve safety. Use iAuditor to generate reports on the spot and submit urgent cases to your manager with captured photos as added evidences of potential risks that may cause serious harm and injury in the workplace.

3. Monthly Forklift Inspection Form

Use this Monthly Forklift Inspection template along with other forklift safety checklists to monitor improvements across your organisation. This forklift inspection checklist contains general questions to evaluate the overall forklift condition and the operator’s practices. Improve your reporting processes and share your audits across your organization. Use iAuditor’s Analytics feature to watch out for trends and frequently failed items to help identify risks that can be mitigated.

4. Forklift Operator Safety Checklist

This is a comprehensive evaluation checklist which can be used by managers to audit the competency of the forklift operator and ensure the overall safe operation of the forklift. Begin by assessing the operator’s competency by checking for valid certificate of training. Next, proceed with observing how the operator controls the forklift and maneuvers in different directions. Check if the operator matches the load with the truck’s capacity and stability, and how the operator stacks the load. Lastly, provide an overall evaluation of the operator’s performance and add some recommendations to improve competency and safety. Confirm the evaluation by including both the operator’s and the evaluator’s name and signature. iAuditor templates can be edited to fit the needs of your workplace.

5. Forklift Truck Pre-use Inspection

Use this pre-use inspection checklist to perform safety audits on forklift trucks, equipment, and operators. Start by recording forklift general information like serial number, make, model, capacity, motive power, and attachments. Next proceed with the operator safety check to assess the operator’ competency on forklift operations and protocols. Perform thorough visual checks of the vehicle parts and systems. Complete the inspection by rating “Safe" or "At Risk” and affix a digital signature to validate.

6. Daily Pre-use Inspection Checklist

Daily forklift inspections are necessary to mititage the risks of operating forklifts. Before using the forklift each day, the operator must conduct and document a pre-use inspection. This Pre-use inspection checklist includes a visual check and an operational check.

OSHA Forklift Checklists

Comply with OSHA standards and use these carefully created samples of OSHA Forklift Checklists before you operate forklifts and other industrial trucks.


Powered Industrial Trucks

OSHA daily inspection checklist for powered industrial trucks.


Propane Forklift Truck

OSHA daily inspection checklist for propane forklift truck.


Electric Forklift Truck

OSHA safety checklist for operating electric forklift trucks.


Walking Pallet Truck

Use this checklist when operating walking pallet trucks.


Reach Truck

OSHA safety checklist for operating powered reach truck forklifts.


Industrial Tractors

Use this OSHA safety checklist when operating industrial tractors.

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