Top 6 Forklift Checklists

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A forklift checklist is a tool used by inspectors to ensure forklifts are in good working condition before use. Forklift checklists can be used in conducting safety inspections and maintenance checks to reduce likelihood of workplace injuries and deaths caused by forklifts in warehouses, factories, shipping yards, and other workplaces.

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To help you get started, here are 6 of the best forklift checklists you can download and customize for free.

Top 6 Forklift Checklists

1. Forklift Daily Checklist

A forklift daily checklist is used prior to the daily operation of a forklift to ensure that it is in good working condition. This forklift daily inspection checklist is divided into two parts: (1) before starting the engine and (2) after starting the engine. Use this checklist to check if controls are functioning correctly and identify any damaged or malfunctioning parts. Make the most of this checklist by following the points below:

  1. Conduct inspection before starting and after starting the engine
  2. Take photo evidence of damaged parts (if any) and add notes
  3. Assign corrective measures in case damage or malfunction is identified in the forklift
  4. Complete inspection by providing digital signature of inspector

2. Forklift Inspection Checklist

A forklift inspection checklist is used for monthly monitoring of the forklift’s condition. This checklist evaluates the overall condition of the forklift and the operator’s operating practices. Use this checklist to ensure that employees comply with the standard operating procedures of forklift use.

3. Forklift Safety Checklist

A forklift safety checklist is used by managers to audit the competency of a forklift operator to ensure safety in the overall operation of the forklift. Use this checklist to assess the operator’s competency by checking valid certificates of training and observing operator’s control and maneuvering of the forklift.

4. Forklift Pre-Start Checklist

A forklift pre-start checklist is a tool used in preparation for ISO accreditation. Use this checklist to mitigate risks of accidents caused by forklifts. This checklist contains 11 essential questions that can help identify defects or damages on forklifts.

5. Forklift Truck Pre-use Inspection

A post-training evaluation form is a tool used to assess a training program or course right after it is conducted. This form can be used to gather valuable insight into the effectiveness of a program. Use this form template to evaluate and improve future training programs.

6. Daily Pre-use Inspection Checklist

Daily forklift inspections are necessary to mititage the risks of operating forklifts. Before using the forklift each day, the operator must conduct and document a pre-use inspection. This Pre-use inspection checklist includes a visual check and an operational check.