Forklift Checklists

Forklift checklists can be used daily in warehouses, factories, shipping yards and other workplaces to help reduce the risk of workplace deaths and injuries.

When Should I Complete a Forklift Safety Checklist?

Forklift equipment should be inspected by an operator daily before use or before each shift. This inspection can be done using a forklift pre-start inspection checklist. If the same person performing the inspection is also going to use the forklift, then you can use a combined forklift daily safety checklist, which combines both pre-start and post-start checks.

Forklift Checklists - Featured Templates

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Forklift Checklist

Forklift Pre Start Checklist

Prestart Inspection for Forklifts to be completed before operation each shift.

Forklift Checklist

Forklift Operator Daily Checklist

Combined pre-start and post-start forklift checklist.

Forklift Checklist

Monthly Forklift Inspection Form

Monitor improvements across your organisation.

Forklift Checklist

Forklift Operator Safety Evaluation

Use this checklist to evaluate operators safe use of equipment.

Forklift Checklist

Forklift Truck Safety Audit

Use this audit checklist to perform safety audits on forklift equipment and operators.

Forklift Checklist

Daily Pre-use Inspection Checklist

Includes visual check and operation forklift check.

OSHA Forklift Checklists

OSHA sample inspection checklists for operating various industrial trucks.

Forklift Checklist

Powered Industrial Trucks

OSHA generic daily inspection checklist for powered industrial trucks.

Forklift Checklist

Propane Forklift Truck

OSHA daily inspection checklist for propane forklift truck.

Forklift Checklist

Electric Forklift Truck

OSHA safety checklist for operating electric forklift trucks.

Forklift Checklist

Walking Pallet Truck

Use this checklist when operating walking pallet trucks.

Forklift Checklist

Reach Truck

OSHA safety checklist for operating powered reach truck forklifts.

Forklift Checklist

Industrial Tractors

Use this OSHA safety checklist when operating industrial tractors.

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Streamline your inspection process

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