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6 of the Best Warehouse Safety Checklists

A digital warehouse checklist is a great tool to use for regular site inspections and safety checks. Warehouses conditions can expose workers to numerous hazards like slips and falls, bodily strains and faulty equipment. Maintaining and using multiple warehouse checklists can be burdensome and unproductive. iAuditor is a powerful inspection app which allows you to schedule and conduct your warehouse safety checks using your mobile device. We’ve collated the most comprehensive warehouse checklists you can use to improve the safety and working conditions of your workers.

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1. General Warehouse Safety Checklist

This general warehouse safety checklist aims to evaluate potential risks observed during warehouse operations. Start by providing general information about the business then proceed with an evaluation of warehouse location, dock areas (exterior and interior), equipment, and sanitation. It also focuses on evaluating warehouse safety training programs and the implementation of emergency and safety procedures. If defects are identified, the inspector can add recommendations and actions to improve overall safety in the warehouse premises.

2. OSHA Warehouse Safety Checklist

This OSHA warehouse safety checklist converted using iAuditor is used to inspect the general safety of all employees working in a warehouse. In addition, assessment of employees is also conducted to ensure material handling procedures were followed and hazard communication process was discussed. Use iAuditor to conduct a digital inspection and generate on-the-spot reports.

3. Cold Store/ Warehouse Inspection Checklist

This cold store/ warehouse inspection checklist is used to identify defects and damages to the structure, design, and facilities of your warehouse. This checklist covers food storage facilities and practices, temperature monitoring, pest control, and food dispatch and transport. Use iAuditor to schedule your audits and never miss any of your scheduled inspection again.

4. Warehouse Walkthrough Checklist

This warehouse safety compliance checklist is a walkthrough inspection which checks the condition of ailes, stairs, ladders, and air emissions. Use this template before you start your shift to identify if employees wear appropriate PPE, aware of the emergency procedures and are fully trained on material handling. Use iAuditor to capture photo defects of tools and materials that need to be replaced or removed in the warehouse.

5. Warehouse Forklift Checklist

Forklifts are used to carry heavy loads in and around the warehouse. Operating forklifts pose numerous hazards to the worker. Use this warehouse forklift checklist to evaluate visual damage, faults on control functions, and unusual noise or vibration on forklifts before commencing operation at warehouse. Use iAuditor to capture photo of the defects and generate efficient reports.

6. Warehouse Ergonomics Checklist

This ergonomic assessment checklist can be used to assess the ergonomic movement, workload, posture and transport of goods in your warehouse. Workers must know and exercise best ergonomic practices to avoid physical stress and other health related injuries. Use iAuditor to capture best practice behaviours and areas for improvement.

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