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iAuditor Layered Process Audit Software

Take Your Layered Process Audit Protocol to the Next Level

A layered process audit software is a digital tool used by workers, supervisors, managers, and other stakeholders involved in a company’s production process, to assist them in their performance of a quality management technique called a layered process audit. A layered process audit is a type of inspection wherein different tiers or “layers” of production personnel, from low-level stakeholders to upper management all perform the same audit in order to ensure that protocols are being followed in all stages of the production process and no important details are being overlooked. With the iAuditor Layered Process Audit Software for desktop and mobile devices, inspectors can perform audits even while offline, make use of in-app audit scheduling for personnel, and assign and track corrective actions, among other features, to help make a company’s layered process audit procedure efficient and hassle-free.

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Perform digital inspections on the go with a Layered Process Audit Software

iAuditor by SafetyCulture has offline usability, which means you can perform inspections and audits anytime, anywhere with your iOS or Android mobile device. Your inspection data will automatically sync to the cloud once you connect to the internet.

Keep all of your data in one place for security and easy access

Automatically store your inspection and audit data via unlimited and secure cloud storage where you can easily access them from your phone, tablet, or computer.

See the big picture through powerful data analytics

Manually capturing and organizing inspection data via pen and paper is time-consuming and stressful. iAuditor helps streamline your layered process audit protocols by taking your inspection data and turning them into actionable insights. Our powerful data analytics dashboard can help spot trends and identify issues that require immediate corrective action. Gain visibility into high-performing departments and sites so you can share their best practices across the organization.

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How iAuditor Transforms Layered Process Auditing for the Better

A solid quality management system (QMS) is the foundation for any successful operation regardless of industry. Outside of standard process auditing initiatives, layered process auditing is especially effective since it includes input from different people in charge of different aspects of the process. The downside of working with a larger group, however, is that coordination and execution becomes increasingly difficult.

Using iAuditor as your layered process auditing software helps solve numerous problems that you may otherwise encounter with traditional paper checklists. Below are some of the ways iAuditor improves your layered process audit practices.

A well executed layered process audit can help ensure that your business is operating at peak capacity. With the help of the iAuditor layered process audit software, high quality becomes a sustainable standard.

iAuditor Layered Process Auditing Software Features

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