SafetyCulture (iAuditor) for safety

Get everyone onboard with workplace safety

You may be the one who’s accountable for keeping everyone safe, but workplace safety isn’t achieved with an “us vs. them” mindset. Change the culture of safety in your organization with a digital inspection solution that everyone can learn to use in minutes. With small, frequent checks, instant actions, and real time reporting, you can make sure that your people are doing what they’re supposed to do to keep safe.
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Get proactive in reducing Total Recordable Injuries

The most common incidents in the workplace result not from unknown hazards, but from failing to stick to procedure. Sprains and strains, slips, trips and falls, cuts and contusions, all preventable if the right precautions are taken. Make it easy for your team to stay safe with short, digital inspections designed to remind them of procedure at key moments.

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Identify issues before they occur

With SafetyCulture (iAuditor)’s instant analytics, you can see common failed items, incomplete inspections, and other issues which can help you identify weaknesses in your operation that could lead to an incident. Your whole team can also assign actions on the spot so everyone is empowered to report issues and problems to the right personnel immediately.

Prove the business impact of putting safety first

When stacked against production, downtime and overall cost, safety often takes a back seat. WIth all your safety information in one place, you can correlate performance of sites, teams or functions with their output, giving you the opportunity to prove that the teams who focus more on safety have lower downtime, higher output, and lower turnover.

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