BOS Solutions - Data-Driven Improvements in Safety and Quality

A liquid solids separation organization in oil and gas, BOS Solutions, lacked safety and quality data to prove compliance and make business decisions. Using SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor), they improved their data health by standardizing and digitizing inspections.

350 SafetyCulture platform users

$80,000 Saved in workers compensation last year

56% Reduction in  Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR)

BOS Solutions, a liquid solids separation organization in the oil and gas and environmental solutions industry, suffered from a lack of visibility into performance because of siloed data produced by a dispersed workforce. As a result, they lacked safety or quality statistics to share easily, or in some cases, at all. It was difficult to report on compliance standards and much more. At this point BOS Solutions knew it was time to change their paper process, go digital and start using data to their advantage. 

Aligned with an organizational cultural change, BOS set out to improve the health of their data by standardizing and digitizing inspections in one, collective system. SafetyCulture platform offered the perfect solution.  Since introducing this platform to their safety process, the value of the system has become manifestly clear. 

“Before SafetyCulture platform, we had some processes in place, but they were all paper-based, not robust. We had no real visibility company-wide and information was siloed in different areas. It was extremely difficult to track and prove past compliance by regurgitating past data.” Gary Bonnett- Director, Quality, Health and Safety Environment (QHSE)

“SafetyCulture platform is the life-blood of our quality and safety management systems. We are using it to report on everything—from QHSE [Quality Health Safety Environment] field audits, PPE [Personal Protective Equipment] inspections, contractor onboarding, equipment service and repair templates, asset tracking— along with all of our permits to work.”

Gary Bonnett
Director, Quality, Health and Safety Environment (QHSE)

BOS also uses SafetyCulture platform to address corrective and preventative actions all the way to completion, which has closed the process loop, allowing items to be accomplished more efficiently and quickly. SafetyCulture’s intuitive interface allowed BOS employees to start using it immediately. Trends in data quickly emerged, allowing the QHSE team to improve areas of the business and the bottom line right away.

BOS Solutions has over 350 employees and contractors using SafetyCulture and Bonnett says the return on investment is a “no brainer.” “You can’t hide from data. The results and performance are what they are.”

The information that BOS Solutions has collected since using SafetyCulture platform has saved time, money and will reduce the company’s workers compensation premium by $80,000 this year. It has increased the transparency of BOS’s quality and safety management system. As a result Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR), has decreased by 56% since implementation and the organization can now quantify the longevity of equipment from insights into preventative maintenance data.


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