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Returning every employee home safe is at the heart of Mobile Mini’s ethos. Follow their journey to a safer workplace.

40,000 units

2,000 high-risk lifts a week

Supplying 17,000+ customers

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Mobile Mini UK

With a national network of 16 site locations nationwide, over 40,000 units and supplying over 17,000 customers, Mobile Mini offers the largest UK-wide provision of site accommodation and secure storage solutions.

Transporting and lifting containers, undertaking repair, fabrication and fittings, alongside welding and joinery all demand one thing – the highest possible standards of operational excellence.

Mobile Mini is committed – to its employees, and to be the safest in its industry – with a goal of sending staff home safe and engaging with their workforce through communication and leadership. To continually realize that aspiration, they can’t afford to ever become complacent.

The path to a safer workplace

Mobile Mini’s accident rates are amongst the best in the industry, and the result of this isn’t just a one-off exercise, it calls for continuous improvement.

Before SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor), health and safety checks were clunky and inefficient. Paper-based inspections and checks conducted on a daily, weekly and monthly basis required staff to manually write up email findings on return to the office. This meant there was no real-time visibility of what was happening on the ground, or the ability to respond and evolve accordingly.

After an internal recommendation, SafetyCulture platform posed the answer to many of Mobile Mini’s challenges.

The team started small, testing out just a couple of initial templates, SafetyCulture champion Andy Himsworth, SHEQ Advisor and Trainer on the Safety Team, discovered they could capture evidence and context – more than was previously possible. Photos provided richer detail, and the ability to compile actions for non-compliance created a more fluid workflow. With SafetyCulture platform, senior management could now get a real-time overview of what branches were doing out in the field.

From there, SafetyCulture platform began to gain traction.

Made for mobile businesses

Mobile Mini operates in a range of different environments: facing common site challenges including remoteness, weather issues, and lack of wifi. With SafetyCulture platform, the team now has the ability to conduct checks on any mobile device and even offline, syncing once they get connectivity.

With the power to capture and report on the go, other branches soon enabled sites to go out and begin using SafetyCulture platform. Identifying individuals who would be onsite using it and equipping them to be champions was the key to driving adoption. By getting peers to coach and help their colleagues, SafetyCulture platform gathered momentum.

Mobile Mini has now rapidly expanded its use cases:

Spanning Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments to fire risk

COVID-19 return to work checks

Pre-lift risk assessments for trucks

And more!

With staff onsite capturing photos on their phone and providing context to hazards, near-misses or concerns on the ground, Branch Managers can identify issues faster and move to proactive prevention. Addressing risk in real time: even across vastly dispersed operations.

Pioneering an accident-free vision 

The majority of Mobile Mini staff now regularly use SafetyCulture platform, with monthly scheduling of vital checks alongside ad hoc issue reporting – creating true accountability and visibility in the organization. 

The team has seen a change in the level of compliance in its branches – with a direct correlation between more robust audits supported by SafetyCulture platform, and a reduction in accidents. 

Their tech – and employee-led approach hasn’t gone unnoticed. The team was highly commended by the British Safety Council for its approach to conducting audits, with SafetyCulture platform cited as a vital driver. Mobile Mini also received a North East Business Award for it’s COVID-19 response plan, facilitated by its SafetyCulture (iAuditor) COVID templates. 

In recognition of his efforts as a pioneer for the use of technology in driving safety, Andy Himsworth was shortlisted for the SHE Awards as Health & Safety Manager of the Year. 

“SafetyCulture platform helps make compliance easy for everyone. It’s at the heart of our continual commitment to a workplace where every employee goes home safe”

Andy Himsworth
SHEQ Advisor and Trainer, Mobile Mini UK

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