Ausgrid Electrical Services

Ausgrid reduces auditing time on site to get power restored as quickly as possible for residents.

Ausgrid field workers needed a consistent set of questions to apply to each site visit, plus the ability to attach photos as a quick way of communicating between the field and the office. Managers wanted to be able to analyze visits and track data across the entire organization to pull out trends.

Previously this was done using printed Excel spreadsheets and attached photos. Managers had to manually comb through each report to find the highlights. When you’re comparing hundreds of audits each month, that gets to be very time-intensive. Once the team implemented the SafetyCulture platform, they could customize the reporting formats so that non-compliant issues rose to the top and managers could see at a glance what needed to be addressed.

To further enhance field operations, the team also built checklists using Smart Fields, which steered auditors in the right direction and cut out any irrelevant questions.

“Building logic into the checklists with Smart Fields has dramatically improved our time on-site. In the event of a power outage, you have customers with no electricity so you don’t want to hold up the job with long, detailed questions that aren’t relevant.”

Megan Strong
Manager HSE Compliance at Ausgrid

Because Ausgrid operates a high-risk business, there are certain non-negotiables that SafetyCulture helps them track. They present this data to distributors and people in the field, but also back to executives in a clear concise way. Reports are generated immediately so that key stakeholders have access to important information.

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