Construction Safety Inspection Checklists

Promote safety in your construction site by proactively catching safety hazards using these powerful inspection checklists

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Published November 16th, 2020

What are Construction Safety Inspection Checklists

Construction safety inspection checklists are tools used by site supervisors and foremen to proactively check if the construction site is following safety protocols implemented to help keep workers safe and protected from safety hazards.

The construction industry has 21.1% of the total work-related fatalities among private enterprises and employers in construction have a responsibility to comply with safety regulations and promote safety in order to keep workers protected from work-related hazards.

This article will briefly discuss the following:

The Most Violated OSHA Standards in Construction

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set standards to help maintain safety in the workplace and of the top 10 most violated OSHA standards, 3 of them belong to the construction industry:

Implementing safety measures can help manage health and safety risks that come with working in construction. Proactively conducting construction safety inspections using checklists designed to capture hazards can control risks and promote the safety of construction workers.

Powerful Tool for Construction Safety Inspections

iAuditor by SafetyCulture makes conducting construction safety inspections efficient and easy. From site inspections to working at heights inspections, we’ve got a site inspection app that you can use on your mobile device when conducting safety inspections.

Access All Your Safety Inspection Checklists From Your Mobile

No more carrying around folders of paper checklists, with the iAuditor app you can access all your checklist templates or use any from the public library.

Take Photos and Add Them Instantly to Your Reports

Spend less time completing paperwork and writing reports. Take photos using your phone camera, and have them integrated automatically into the PDF report. Annotate images to highlight areas that need attention.

Share Your Reports Real-time

After each inspection share a PDF or web report with all the information with the people that need it. All the data is automatically synced to the cloud allowing you to access it from multiple devices, and your desktop as well.

Case Study: Level 10 Construction

With 200+ employees working around the clock, Level 10 Construction were committed to finding a solution that would help them maintain a quality structure while keeping safety at the forefront during production. See more case studies


Erick Brent Francisco

SafetyCulture staff writer

As a staff writer for SafetyCulture, Erick is interested in learning and sharing how technology can improve work processes and workplace safety. Prior to SafetyCulture, Erick worked in logistics, banking and financial services, and retail.