Construction Safety Inspection Checklists

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How Construction Safety Inspections are Made Easy with a Mobile-ready Inspection App

iAuditor makes completing construction safety inspection checklists quick and easy. From site inspections to safe work procedures for working at heights, we’ve got a checklist for everyone.

Access All Your Safety Inspection Checklists From Your Mobile

No more carrying around folders of paper checklists, with our free mobile app you can access all your checklist templates on your mobile phone.

Take Photos and Add Them Instantly to Your Reports

Spend less time completing paperwork and writing reports. Take photos using your phone camera, and have them integrated automatically into the PDF report. Annotate images to highlight areas that need attention.

Share Your Reports Real-time

After each inspection share a PDF or web report with all the information with the people that need it. All the data is automatically synced to the cloud allowing you to access it from multiple devices, and your desktop computer as well.

Case Study: Level 10 Construction

With 200+ employees working around the clock, Level 10 Construction were committed to finding a solution that would help them maintain a quality structure while keeping safety at the forefront during production. Read more case studies